Psalm 23 BHT, the Anointed One

An addition to the BHT, a poem by David about his realization of anointing.

An addition to the BHT, a poem by “David” about his realization of anointing.

A poem by “David.”

1 God keeps me and feeds me. I will never be without basic needs.

2 God gives me Rest in his precious Home of the Earth. God refreshes me with Living Water.

3 God brings Life to my Being. God guides me in the Good ways, for the Glory of God.

4 Even though I pass through the Dark Night of the Soul, I will not be afraid of my afflictions. For You are in Me! Your Greatness is my Support and Comforter.

5 You prepare a King’s Feast for me in spite of my afflictions. You have ANOINTED ME! I AM I AM I AM overcome!

6 Truly this is Holy Beauty! I will share Loving-Kindness for the rest of my Life. And I will live in this precious Home of this Earthly Body for all Eternity.

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4 thoughts on “Psalm 23 BHT, the Anointed One

  1. This speaks to the anointing concept we were talking about the other day. Also putting David in quotes makes me think of the Hebrew meaning of the name: “Beloved”

    1. Yes. The “anointing” is a powerful concept to understand deeply. There is so much wrapped up in that symbol, even “Christ.”

      I put David in quotes because we’re not sure whether King David wrote the Psalms attributed to him. But I didn’t know that about the Hebrew meaning “Beloved.” That is great!

  2. Me and some friends value the Joseph Smith quote for your blog so much we’ve put it in with the while Liberty Jail letter into our personal scriptures. It’s a shame the LDS church only used snippets of that letter.

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