“One Song: The Science of Oneness” by JD Stillwater

In my recent move from Utah to Pennsylvania I’ve had the opportunity to get to know wonderful new people, and one of those is JD Stillwater. He is a wise, affable, loving, and talented science educator, writer, musician, mystic, naturalist, speaker, and much more. As part of his Seven Candles project, a non-profit organization with the laudable mission to integrate science and spirituality, he gave a presentation a couple years ago on the topic of science and oneness. I think it is excellent. If you have a half hour to watch this, below, I think JD gave a fantastic introduction to the subject of how we are all one, and how science helps to inform us of this remarkable reality.

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6 thoughts on ““One Song: The Science of Oneness” by JD Stillwater

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Bryce! I delivered an extended version of One Song last summer at the IRAS Conference, on Star Island. IRAS (Institute for Religion in an Age of Science) is likely of interest to your readers. I’m giving it again next Sunday at United Methodist Leadership Days in Maryland. I hope to record it this time, so watch for the in-depth version to go up on my channel in the next few weeks.

  2. Wow. Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for something new to start my day with and this “One song” idea appeals to me on so many levels. Thank you! Robb

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  3. Thanks, Bryce, for introducing me to JD Stillwater. I am fascinated with his views on spirituality and the universe. I’ve watched every video I could get my hands on. I have learned so much and feel such awe and wonder over it all! There is this peace that has replaced anxiety over in trying to understand what it’s all about. I especially loved his video on death. Awesome perspectives…thanks!

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