A Temple of Consciousness

At the core of all true spiritual awareness and understanding is contemplative practice. The experience during practice is the source of everything else we say about spirituality, our sayings being interpretations/translations of that experience. This webpage is a sacred space where we can gather to meditate together via live video. At first it may seem strange to meditate together online, since our eyes are typically closed and we are focusing inwardly. But there is a deep power in simply being present with each other, even if only virtually. The communal support can encourage and facilitate contemplation.

If you would like to meditate with me, Bryce, I will be here most weekdays at 8:15am MT (click here to convert to your time zone), for about a 30-minute session, usually silent, with perhaps a few minutes of discussion and open reflection afterwards. You may join the room at any point during the sit, and leave the meditation whenever you like. We may occasionally do a guided meditation, or watch a meditative or educational video together. If this time doesn’t work for you, you are welcome to use this room to meditate with others at a different time. The “door” is always open. I only request that you respect the space, and help keep it sacred.

A few instructions: All participants will have their audio automatically muted upon entering the room so as not to interrupt others who may already be meditating, so if you want to talk at the beginning of a meeting you’ll need to un-mute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon. You can toggle between tiled or filmstrip views of the participants using the “Toggle Tile View” icon at the lower-right. You will also find the settings there if you click on the three dots, which will allow you to make adjustments to your devices, or toggle full-screen mode. To leave the room, simply close the page, use the red icon to “hang up,” or click to a different webpage on the site.

Mobile users: If you want to join the Meditation Room via a phone or tablet, it is probably best to use the mobile app, rather than the website. The site will notify you of this if you visit it on your device. The free app is called Jitsi Meet, available on both iOS and Android. The room name is ThyMindOMan. You may need to mute yourself if you join this way, as I’m not sure you’ll be automatically muted as on the web version.

If you have any troubles with the room, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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