This page lists passages from the Judeo-Christian scriptures that I have translated, according to my experience and understanding, in an attempt to bring out the deeper nondual mystical vision that I see in the text.

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2 Nephi

Chapter 2

25 Divinity fell that humanity might be; and humans are, that they might have joy.

25 Divinity fell that life might be; and life is, that it might have joy.

Chapter 25

23 For we labor diligently to write, to persuade our children, and also our brethren and sisters, to trust in ‘Christ,’ and to be reconciled as One in ‘Him’ and God; for we know that it is by Grace that we are saved, after all we can do to surrender our self to this Grace and to this Love.


Chapter 3

19 Because the unnatural human, in its egoic self-possessed “separate” identity consciousness and “independent” state of mind, is the adversary and devil and offender of Reality. It is the “father of lies,” the “son of perdition,” even the antichrist, and has been that way from the Fall of Humanity, each one in their childhood when they become self-aware and “separate” in the world, and they will remain that way for the rest of their mortal lives. Unless and until they surrender and submit this destructive egoic mind-state to the Fire of the Spirit of God that burns deep within them as a refiner, and they offer up on the altar as that great and last sacrifice their egoic mind, to consecrate their own precious Soul, infinite and eternal. By so doing they will come to realize that they are a Perfect Saint, Holy and Complete, even through the At-one-ment of their consciousness in Christ their True Identity and Being, and they will become just like a Little Child once again, amenable, gentle, modest, calm, full of the Pure Love of Christ, able to be equanimous with all things which Reality inflicts on them, even as an egoless Infant submits to the Parent’s will and so receives the Parent’s Kingdom.

Doctrine & Covenants

Section 101

42 Those people that exalt their false selves (the egoic self, natural man, carnal mind) will be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit, to the torment of the “human” mind, which is as exquisite as a lake burning with fire and brimstone; but those that humble their false selves, that offer up as a sacrifice this egoic psychological self consciousness on the altar of God, will be transfigured and exalted to the Highest Heaven in their True Self, the dwelling place of God in everlasting burnings.

(See also Luke 14:11; Matthew 23:12; Isaiah 14:15; see also History of the Church, 6:314, 317, a discourse given by Joseph Smith on Apr. 7, 1844.)

Section 121

34 Please listen: many people are invited into unitive Christ Consciousness, but relatively few are selected to stay there. And why don’t they stay?

35 Because their egos are attached so much to the material things of this world, and they pursue the praises of other egos, that they do not learn this one lesson—

36 That the key to having spiritual influence is inseparably connected with contemplation in unitive nondual consciousness, and that contemplation cannot be had nor shared except upon principles of genuine goodness and oneness.

37 We may have a glimpse of it, it is true; but when our egos seek to cover up our errors, or to find pleasure in our haughtiness and our selfish desires, or to exert control or supremacy or force upon others, with the slightest degree of injustice, you will surely see that contemplation come to an end. For that Spiritual consciousness doesn’t endure the ego; and when contemplation ends, it is also the end of that person’s spiritual influence as well.

38 You’ll notice, before they even know it, they are left to their ego self, causing their own suffering, abusing and oppressing those most holy, and fighting against Reality itself.

39 We have learned through our own sad experience that it is the very nature and condition of almost all humans, as soon as their egos think they have a little power or influence, they will immediately start to exert unjust dominance over others.

40 Consequently, many are invited into Christ Consciousness, but very few end up staying there.

41 There is no power or influence that can or ought to be maintained through spiritual adeptness, except by wise persuasion, by tremendous patience, by gentleness and forbearance, and by sincere Love;

42 By kindness, and pure gnosis, which immensely enlarges one’s circle of identification, without pretense or artifice—

43 Criticizing on occasion with fiery passion, when so inspired, but then afterwards demonstrating an even greater Love toward those who you have criticized, so they don’t think you are their enemy or opponent;

44 That they may know that your contemplation is stronger than the sorrows of death and destruction, which only seek to tear down.

45 May the depths within you be full of Love towards all humanity, and to the Body of all faiths, and let goodness grace your consciousness forever; then your trust will grow ever stronger in awareness of God’s continual Presence, and the understanding of spiritual influence will be attracted to your being like the dews from heaven.

46 Contemplative consciousness will be your continual state of mind, and your influence will be a timeless influence of truth and right. Your identity will be an eternal identity including all things and beings, and without any force or effort at all it will flow to you for time and all eternity.

Section 130

22 The ‘Father’ has a body of flesh and bones; which is called the ‘Son’; and it is your tangible human body; but the ‘Holy Ghost’ has not a body of flesh and bones, and is spirit. Were it not so, the ‘Holy Ghost’ could not be the Life in us

Pearl of Great Price

Joseph Smith’s First Vision (originally part of Joseph Smith—History 1)


Chapter 1

1 Once upon a time, in the very beginning of spacetime itself, the Ultimate One Divine Reality seemed to split itself into dualistic being: that which is the non-material transcendent heavens, and that which is the incarnate material nature of the cosmos.

2 And the cosmos was originally and essentially formlessness, emptiness, non-existence, nothingness, an unmanifest void, and all was a deep and absolute dark abyss. The Spirit of Ultimate Reality relaxed, as it were, over an infinite sea of glass.

3 But the Ultimate Reality moved itself, as if to say, “May there be Light.” And so there was a bang of Light, and thus mass-energy, and photons, and motion, and interaction, and spacetime emerged.

4 And the Ultimate Reality sensed the Light, that it was Good, but to exist it had to be separated as a dialectic opposite from darkness.

5 And so Ultimate Reality inspired us that the Light be called “day,” and that its polarity, darkness, be called “night.” And so the night came and went, and the morning Light dawned, and this was said to be the beginning of what we call a procession in time.

6 And Ultimate Reality moved itself, as if to say, “May the infinite sea of glass be separated, gravitating into a dialectic of objects and space, so that there is differentiation in the sea of glass.”

7 And Ultimate Reality incarnated itself as this division, these contraries, so there were waters beneath our feet, and a sky above our heads. And so it was in actuality.

8 And Ultimate Reality inspired us to call the space above us “sky,” or that which transcends us “heaven.” And the night came and went, and the morning Light dawned again, and this we called the “second time.”

9 And then Ultimate Reality moved itself again into incarnation, as if to say, “May the waters beneath come together into a single place, so as to differentiate and separate them further from land.” And so it was in actuality.

10 The Ultimate Reality inspired us to call the land “Earth,” and the body of water “oceans.” And Reality sensed that itself was ultimately Good.

11 Then Ultimate Reality incarnated itself into lifeforms, as if to say, “May the land produce vegetation, including plants that bear seeds, and trees that bear fruit with seeds in them, each one thus propagates itself on the Earth.” And so it was in actuality.

12 And so the land produced vegetation, including seed-bearing plants, and fruit trees that had seed in their fruit, so they could reproduce themselves and evolve. And Ultimate Reality sensed that it was all Good and very pleasant.

13 And the night came and went, and the morning Light dawned again, and this we called the “third time.”

14 And Ultimate Reality moved again, as if to say, “May the Lights in the sky and heavens be divided, making a distinction between day and night, and this separation will be a further sign of the procession of time, to mark the seasons, days, and years.”

15 “And may they be Lights in the sky and heavens, to shine upon all the Earth.” And so it was in actuality.

16 The Ultimate Reality incarnated itself as a duality again, two Lights, a brighter Light of the Sun to shine in the daytime, and a dimmer Light of the Moon to shine in the nighttime. And thus it also moved into star formation.

17 The Ultimate Reality placed these Lights in the sky relative to us, these Perfections in heaven transcendent to us, to give Light and energy to the Earth,

18 to be the dominant Light in the day and in the night, to be complementary polarities between Light and darkness. And Ultimate Reality sensed that it was Good indeed.

19 And the night came and went, and the morning Light dawned again, and we called this the “fourth time.”

20 And Ultimate Reality moved itself into living incarnation again, as if to say, “May the oceans waters beneath be filled with living creatures, and may birds fly in the sky above the Earth.”

21 And so Ultimate Reality incarnated itself into whales and all kinds of living things that filled the oceans, evolving according to their various kinds, and all the flying birds in the sky, in their many kinds. Ultimate Reality sensed that it was all Good and beautiful.

22 Ultimate Reality adored and blessed them, all the things in which it had incarnated itself, as if to say, “Have abundant Life! Bear fruit! Multiply! May they fill the waters of the oceans, and may the birds fill the skies above Earth. Be plentiful, be full, be Life.”

23 And the night came and went, and the morning Light dawned again, and we called this the “fifth time.”

24 And Ultimate Reality moved within itself, as if to say, “May the Earth produce living creatures, evolving in their multiplicity and diversity of ways, the ungulates and other mammals, and small things that creep and slither along the ground, and the wild beasts, each and every one as it fits in its environment.” And so it was in actuality.

25 The Ultimate Reality incarnated itself into the wild animals of the Earth, in their multiplicity of forms, including ungulates, in their many kinds, and all the little things which run around on the ground, in their wondrous diversity of shapes and ways. And it sensed that it was all very Good and pleasing.

26 And Ultimate Reality moved again in itself, quite excited in the unified field of the One Spirit, as if to say, “May we incarnate our Self once again as humans, modulating our Self into their shadow forms, manifesting our Self through their particular embodied figures or shapes. And this incarnation will be powerful and thus responsible for how they deal with all other lifeforms, the fish in the sea, and the birds in the air, and the ungulates, and wild animals, and all the small animals, insects, and other living things on the face of the whole Earth.”

27 And so Ultimate Reality did, in actuality, incarnate its Self into humans too, expressing its essential Self in and through their temporal forms, evolving and emerging its Self as each and every particular human shape and diverse condition in humanity. It unfolded its Self in the duality of both female and male polar forms, yin and yang, and a whole spectrum in-between them and beyond them.

28 Ultimate Reality loved its incarnation, and adored them, as if blessing them thus: “Have abundant Life! Bear good fruit! Have sex and kids! Enjoy! May we help fill the Earth and cosmos with plenty and fullness, and learn its many ways, taking responsibility for our interactions with all the lifeforms that surround us, including our brothers the fish in the sea, and our sisters the birds in the air, and every other living thing that moves just like us on the Earth!”

29 Then it was as if Ultimate Reality said to its human incarnation, “Look, I’ve given my Self as every seed-bearing plant on the whole Earth, as well as all the fruit trees and their fruited seeds, to be your food. It is sufficient for your sustenance.”

30 “I’ve also given the same to many wild animals, and the birds that fly in the sky, and the small creatures that run along the ground—many beings which have the same animalian breath of Life as you do—I have given to all of these the vegetation, seeds, and fruit for food too. To some of these I have given other animals for food, as an even greater Self-sacrifice.” And thus it was in actuality.

31 Ultimate Reality sensed that everything that it had incarnated from its Self was indeed very Good. And the night came and went, and the morning Light dawned again, and we called this the “sixth time.”

Chapter 3

19 Earth thou art and unto Earth shalt thou return.

Chapter 28

16 When Jacob awakened from his unconsciousness, he confessed, “In reality, God is right here in this place the whole time and I never knew it!”

17 But he was also terrified, and said, “How awfully awesome is this place! This is nothing other than the living abode of the Divine, and right here is the entrance to heaven!”


Chapter 3

1 As Moses was tending the sheep of Jethro, his father-in-law and the priest of Midian, he guided the flock deep into the wilderness and came to Mount Horeb, known as “God’s mountain.”

2 It was there that he perceived a messenger of the One within him, and it seemed as though it was a blazing Fire within a mere common bush. And he stared in utter awe—although this bush in him was scorched to nothingness in that devouring fire and everlasting burning, yet he survived unconsumed.

3 And Moses thought to himself, “I should examine myself more closely and determine how it is possible in this awesome vision that the bush of me is burned up within me but I AM not consumed.”

4 When the One saw that he sought to “know” his Self, God cried out to him from within the bush, saying, “Moses! Moses!” And Moses thought in his heart, “Here I AM!”

5 And God said, “Do not try to ‘know’ This. Remove the sandals from Your feet, because the place where You stand, the very space where You are Present, is Holy Ground. This is Adam, the Ground of your Eternal Being and Substance.”

6 And God continued, “I AM is the God of all of your Ancestors, even the same God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. I AM your Being.” When Moses realized this he hid himself, even his own Face and Countenance from his Self, because he was terribly humbled to perceive God in His own Presence.

7 The One in Him uttered, “I have personally seen the miseries of my fellow Humans in Mizraim, and I’ve personally heard their agonies and distress cries before their egoic and selfish oppressors, for I personally know their excruciating suffering and pain.

8 “And it is I that has condescended to rescue and save Them, to deliver and liberate them from out of the clutches of those egos, and to help lift them all up, that they may ascend the ladder out of that lone and dreary wilderness, to a Gorgeous and Infinite space, a natural world that flows endlessly with the Richness of milk and the Sweetness of honey, to a Home that others have found even among the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites.

9 “Look at these People! and Listen! to the cries of the Children, my own Family, who have so struggled and wrestled, which have reached my Ears. And how I’ve seen with my own Eyes how severely those egos are oppressing and abusing them.

10 “So Go! Now! I AM sending You to the highest of egos, Pharaoh, so that You may help lead my own struggling People out of that egoic place, and Liberate them from out of Mizraim.”

11 But Moses shrank from his Self, and said to God, “Who am I? How could I possibly go to this ego, this Pharaoh, and help bring the Human Family of Sufferers out of this egoic space?”

12 And God answered within his Self, “I AM in You!! And This will be for a sign and a token to You, that I have sent You: when You have led them up out of the egotism of Mizraim, You will work and serve God in this selfsame Mountain that you are in even now.”

13 But Moses kicked against the goads and protested to God within, “Wait! What if I go among my Family of Strugglers, and I tell them, ‘The God of all your Ancestors and of all Humankind and Life itself has sent me to you,’ and they ask me, ‘What is God’s Name?’ then what should I tell them?”

14 And God replied within Moses, “I AM! I AM! I AM!… I AM that which IS, even the ONE self-existent BEING who is in YOU and ALL BEINGS, and I will always be this BEING. This is what you will teach all Humanity: ‘I AM (YHWH) sends Me to You.'”

15 God said further, “Say this to my People, ‘I AM the ONE, the God of all our Ancestors and People everywhere—even the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, and the God of Moses, and the God of Saptarishi, and the God of Zoroaster, and the God of Gautama, and the God of Confucius, and the God of Laozi, and the God of John, and the God of Jesus, and the God of Paul, and the God of Muhammad, and the God of Nanak, and the God of Luther, and the God of Calvin, and the God of Knox, and the God of Smyth, and the God of Fox, and the God of Ammann, and the God of Wesley, and the God of Lee, and the God of Smith, and the God of Báb, and the God of White, and the God of Parham, and the God of Yogananda, and the God of Maharishi, and the God of EVERY BEING who has ever known their deepest Self—which sends Us to Each Other. This BEING is our Eternal Name and Identity, and this We will remember again and again throughout all generations of time.’

16 “Go! and gather together as One the Wisest among My People, and say to Them, ‘The ONE God of all our ancestors and traditions and religions and spiritualities became Present within Me, and gave Me this insight, “I have personally been with You and in You, and I have known Your sufferings in egoic Mizraim.

17 “‘”And I have said that I will lift you out of your miseries, and bring you up and out of your sufferings of Mizraim, and ascend to an Earth and Home as is found among the Canaanites, and Hittites, and Amorites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and Jebusites, even a natural world that flows endlessly with the Richness of milk and the Sweetness of honey.”‘

18 “And the Wise will hear You and will receive Your voice and message. And You will go together with the Wise of My People, to the ego-king in Mizraim, and you will say to him: ‘The ONE I AM God of the People has found Us, and knows Us. So, now, please LET US ALL GO! to take a three-day journey into unknown space, and in so doing we may sacrifice ourselves to know the ONE I AM God within us.’

19 “But I know with certainty that the narrow ego-king of Mizraim, of boundaries, limits, and restrictions, will not allow you to go, unless compelled to by a strong and severe force.

20 “So I will stretch out my hand, or in other words, I will send my powers out to strike, with scourges and with stripes, and crucify that egotism of Mizraim with all the natural wonders of the world, right within the center of that ego. And only after this will the ego-king release You.

21 “And I will pour out precious Grace on this People in the sight of the egoic Mizraim. And when You come out of the ego, it will not be in a void of emptiness.

22 “Every One will be filled from their former egoic inhabitants, and from every stranger that was in their House, with vast treasures of silver, and gold, and beautiful garments. And You will share these gifts with your Posterity and all People. And in this way the ego will be stripped bare, leaving desolate the egoic Mizraim, and You will be liberated and delivered. You will save yourself.”

Chapter 20

21 The people stayed away at a safe distance, but Moses went into the thick darkness where God is.

Chapter 33

11 The Divine communed with Moses subject to subject, as someone communes with their companion/lover/mate…


Chapter 33

12 And Moses said the following about the tribe of Benjamin: “The Beloved I AM awareness will remain securely within them, and will be a shield and a protection to them, surrounding them throughout their lives. It will abide forever within their hearts and minds.”


Chapter 11

26 However, there were two men, Eldad and Medad, who stayed behind in the camp. They were among the elders, but they did not gather together with the Quorum of the Seventy around the Temple. The Spirit of God was with these two men too, and they also prophesied.

27 And one of the Young Men saw what was happening and ran to tattle to Moses, shouting, “Look, Prophet Moses! Eldad and Medad are prophesying in the camp!”

28 And Joshua, son of Nun, who was First Counselor to Moses since he was young, urged him saying, “President Moses, Prophet sir, you’ve got to make them stop!”

29 But Moses looked at both of them squarely and retorted, “Why the hell are you so jealous, protective, and greedy about me alone being “the Prophet”?! I wish that ALL people were prophets, and that God would give ALL of them the Spirit of God, this mystical contemplative visionary consciousness to prophecy in God’s voice, each and every last one of them!”


Psalm 23

A poem by “David.”

1 God keeps me and feeds me. I will never be without basic needs.

2 God gives me Rest in his precious Home of the Earth. God refreshes me with Living Water.

3 God brings Life to my Being. God guides me in the Good ways, for the Glory of God.

4 Even though I pass through the Dark Night of the Soul, I will not be afraid of my afflictions. For You are in Me! Your Greatness is my Support and Comforter.

5 You prepare a King’s Feast for me in spite of my afflictions. You have ANOINTED ME! I AM I AM I AM overcome!

6 Truly this is Holy Beauty! I will share Loving-Kindness for the rest of my Life. And I will live in this precious Home of this Earthly Body for all Eternity.

Psalm 46

10 Sink down, relax, be still and quiet in mind, let go of your self, and come to know-see that I AM is God…

10 Be still, and gnose that I AM God…

10 Be still and thus gnose that I AM is God.

Psalm 119

18 Unveil my eyes, my mind’s eye, that I may look and contemplate the marvels and wonders of thy Way.


Chapter 3

5 Trust and take refuge in the One with the center of consciousness, and do not rely on your egoic mind and understanding.

6 In every moment of life be aware of this One, and it will make your way right and good.


Chapter 2

2 In the final moments of the ego, the ultimate dwelling place of God deep within the human being will be recognized as the highest spiritual summit, greater than all other religious pursuits, and all people will seek it.

Chapter 29

13 Thus saith the Lord, “These people think they can approach Me with the things they say, and they say many great things about Me. But they are actually very far from My Presence in their minds and hearts, deep in their consciousness, and their unsuccessful worship is based on repeating man-made rules and doctrines that they’ve been taught.”

(Compare Matthew 15:8-9; Mark 7:6-8)

14 I will once again surprise you, with awe beyond awe. The ‘knowledge’ of your so-called ‘wise’ will die, the ‘understanding’ of your teachers will vanish.

Chapter 40

3 A voice cries out, “Prepare yourselves in the desert of your minds for the Way of God to be revealed, make a direct path in the desert of the Real.”

5 And the glory of God will be unveiled, and each person will perceive it in the same way, as ONE: thus saith the Lord.


Chapter 31

31 Listen carefully: the time is coming, and is here and now, says I AM, that I will reveal a new union with the family of God.

32 And it will not be like the old covenant that was made with your predecessors, when you were taken by the hand and delivered out of the land of Egypt, a covenant which you could not keep even though I loved you like a spouse, says I AM.

33 For this is the new and everlasting covenant that I will make with the family of Israel: After those days of the preparatory gospel and carnal commandments,” thus saith the Lord, “I will reveal myself to them directly in their inner consciousness, and I will unveil myself plainly in their minds and hearts; and I will be their God, and they will be my Family in Oneness.

33 But rather, this will be the promise that I will make with the family of God: I AM says that in due time I will unveil my Will directly in your mind, inwardly in consciousness, and I will unveil it engraved directly in your heart, or soul. And I will be recognized as your Ultimate Reality, and you will know your Self as mine.

34 And they will no longer need to teach each other, their neighbors and families, saying, ‘This is how you can know God,’ for they will all know Me personally, each and every one,” saith the Lord, “and I will relieve all their guilt and shame, and they will be Pure.

34 You will no longer need to teach your neighbors or say to your family members, “Here’s how you can know God,” because you will all know me, each one, from the most ordinary person to the greatest among you, says I AM. And in that unveiling I will pardon all your faults, and I will forget all your offenses.

(Compare Hebrews 8:8-12, Hebrews 10:16-17)


Chapter 5

21 Thus saith the Lord, “I detest and reject your pretentious general conferences, and I can’t stand your saccharine solemn assemblies.

22 You give me your tithes and fast offerings, but I don’t accept them while you hoard your investment of tens of billions of dollars in Wall Street. I will have no part of your fancy public relations joint peace statements, which is just sweet talk.

23 Stop all your Christmas Concerts, your Tabernacle Choirs, your Orchestras at Temple Square. I’m deaf to all your music and instruments, as if that makes any difference in the world.

24 What I really want to see is justice actually enacted, like oceans raining down from heaven, and inequalities actually addressed, like the never-ending Mississippi.

25 Have you brought me tithes and offerings for 190 years, Latter-day Saints?

26 Do you now serve your Christus idols, the logos and names which have become your gods, images you made for your egoic public image?

27 So I will continue to send you into exile from me, beyond the Rocky Mountains,” saith the Lord, whose Identity is in the midst of All Beings.


Chapter 3

1 At that time John, the baptizer, went around preaching in the Judean desert.

2 He was calling out, “Change your minds, for the consciousness of God is right here and now, and can be known!”

3 This is like the One that Isaiah spoke of: “A voice cries out, ‘Prepare yourselves in the desert of your minds for the Way of God to be revealed, make a direct path in the desert of the Real.'”

Chapter 4

17 “Go above and beyond your thinking mind and perceptual intellect! Change it! Transcend it! For that is where we find the dwelling place of the Divine, the highest transcendent authority, power, and sovereign of the totality of the universe. It is right here! Here now, in you and me, present in us!”

Chapter 5

3 Joyful are those who have a slow breath and a simple mind, because they are Kings and Queens in heaven.

4 Joyful are those that pass through deep sorrow, who drink the bitter cup, for they will find the Comforter.

5 Joyful are the submissive, yielding, surrendering, and self-less, for they will become One with all things.

6 Joyful are those who yearn, crave, and seek deeply for Godliness, for they will find ultimate Fulness.

7 Joyful are those who are one with the suffering, because they will receive the Comforter.

8 Joyful are those with a clean and clear mind, for they will see God.

8 Joyful are those with a pure consciousness, for they see God.

9 Joyful are those that are full of peace, because they will be given a new name: Son of God.

10 Joyful are those who are tormented for Godliness, because they are Kings and Queens in heaven.

14 You are the radiance of the cosmos.

15 No one lights a candle and then hides it under a bowl (which would also extinguish it). Rather, a candle is put on a candlestick, where it can shine light to everyone in the place.

16 In the same way, allow your good and beautiful activity to radiate out for all to see and experience, so that everyone can celebrate our cosmic Source.

48 Then realize your essential nature is perfect, or complete and whole, even as the Source from which you’ve come is complete and whole.

48 Be complete and full, just like your Source in nondual consciousness is complete and full.

48 So be complete, lacking nothing, just as your Source which is in heavenly consciousness is complete.

48 May you be complete and whole, just as your Absolute nature in non-dual consciousness is complete and whole.

Chapter 6

5 When you commune, don’t be like the pretenders. For they love to pray out loud standing in their churches and temples, so they can be seen by others and themselves for their piety. Truth be told, that’s all they’ll get out of it.

6 Instead, when you commune, go into the silent chamber of your mind and soul, and shut out all external distractions. There you contemplate your Source, which dwells in that hidden inward Holy of Holies. And your Source, which perceives the Truth inwardly, will restore and renew you outwardly.

6 But when you pray/meditate, go into your inner room (the inner chamber of your heart/mind), shut your door (your eyes and mouth, ignoring external distractions or activities), and contemplate in your Source, who is hidden unseen. And your Source, who sees you inwardly, will deliver you outwardly.

7 And when you commune, do not ramble on with your thoughts either, like those who do not know God. They seem to think that God will hear them because of the many things they say in their minds.

8 Don’t be like them! Your Source already knows what is needed before you think a single thought.

9 When you contemplate, rest your mind in this way: “Our Source in the Holy of Holies of our heart, Perfect and Whole is this Being.

10 “Ultimate Reality is here and now, and it appears as it is, in the world even as it is in our heart.

11 “We are supplied in this present moment with all that we ever need in Life.

12 “We are freed from all our guilt, even as we give freedom to all of Life.

13 “May we not be enticed by error, but be finally liberated from our egos. Truly.”

22 The illuminator of the body of reality is the mind’s eye, consciousness. Therefore, if your mind’s eye is simple, undivided, and single-pointed in focus, not two, the whole entire body of reality will be filled with brilliant Light, brighter than the sun, including your own body.

23 But if your eye is bad, dependent on the egoic devil of the dualistic subjective mind, then all the body of reality will seem full of darkness, misery, and pain. If your mind’s eye is thus lighted, the darkness of reality will be tremendous.

Chapter 7

13 Enter into Life through the tight entrance. The wide and broad entrance is an easy path, but it leads to death and destruction. There are many that go that way.

14 But the true entrance is very narrow to get through, and the path is difficult, troublesome, and causes much pain and distress, yet this leads us to Life, and only a few people discover this Way.

Chapter 10

39 you must lose your life (ego), to find/save your Life (Eternal One).

Chapter 11

27 No person has knowledge of the Son except the Father; likewise, no person has knowledge of the Father except the Son, and those in whom the Son unveils Him.

28 Come to Me, all of you who are exhausted and overloaded with work, and I will give you rest and refreshment.

29 Unite with Me, and come to know Me—for I AM quiet and calm, and deep in the mind—and you will enter into My rest in your life.

30 Because union with Me is joyful, and My work is freedom.

Chapter 13

10 The followers of Jesus came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to them in stories and allegories?”

11 He replied, “It’s been graced to you to know the mysticism of nondual unitive consciousness, but to them this has not been given.

12 “Whoever has been given this gnosis will have an overflowing abundance of insight and understanding; but whoever has not had this, even that which they think they know will be taken away from them, and their knowledge is as nothing.

13 “It’s for this reason that I talk to them in metaphors, to help clarify. Because even though they see, they do not really see; even though they hear, they do not really hear, and so they don’t understand if you try to tell it to them directly.

14 “They are the epitome of the prophetic truth that Isaiah wrote, ‘You will hear it all, but you won’t understand anything; you will see it all but you won’t perceive what it means.

15 “‘Your hearts have grown hard and impenetrable, your consciousness being heavily veiled by ego, so that you cannot hear with your ears, nor see with your eyes, both being closed up. Otherwise you would be able to see with your eyes, and hear with your ears what I’m saying, and your heart would embrace it, your consciousness would be attuned to it, and that would draw you to re-turn to the nondual unitive consciousness in yourself and be healed by it, being reconciled and redeemed, at-Oned in God.’

16 “But you followers, on the other hand, are full of joy and grace, because your eyes can clearly see, and your ears can clearly hear the meaning, having experienced it yourself.

17 “In fact, I’ll say that even many prophets and other very good persons in history have long desired to see what you can now see, but they didn’t, and hear what you can now hear, and haven’t, unfortunately.”

Chapter 16

15 Jesus then said to his followers, “But who do you say that I AM?”

16 Simon replied saying, “You are Christed, the anointed One, an incarnation of the living and breathing God.”

17 Then Jesus said to him, “Joy-full are you, Simon Johnson, for no human flesh or ego unveils this to you, but only the One which is divine consciousness.”

18 “And I give to you a new name/identity—Petros—even a small stone, for it is upon this foundation stone of insight that I will restore the gathering of God’s people into One, and all the powers and prisons of Hades and ego will never overcome it, ever!”

19 “And I will also give to you this clue to opening and shutting that nondual unitive consciousness: whatever you bind together as One in the world is also bound together in that consciousness, and whatever is broken apart in the world is also broken apart in that consciousness, and seems separate. As below, so above.”

20 He then charged his followers, again, that they should tell no one that he was Christed, for it was not theirs to unveil.

13 When Jesus came to the region of Caesarea Philippi he asked his friends, “Who do people say is the Human One?”

14 They replied, “Some say John that baptizes; others say Elijah; and yet others, Jeremiah or one of those that speaks from Divine Consciousness.”

15 Jesus then asked, “But who do you say I AM?”

16 Simon Peter answered, “I AM the Anointed One, the Incarnation of the living God.”

17 Jesus replied, “Wonderful to hear you say, Simon, Jonah’s son, because this cannot be unveiled to you by any human being or human mind, even your own, but rather only by the Ultimate One directly in nondual Consciousness.

18 “And I’ll also tell you this: in your bodily form you are called ‘Peter’ (petros), meaning a small rock fragment, but it is on this revelatory ‘bedrock’ (petra) where I AM gathers ALL people together as One in Love, and even all the powers of hell (egoic mind) combined against it won’t prove superior.

19 “For I AM gives you ALL the power of Loving Awareness, even of God’s Eternal Presence, here and now, so that what you find harmful on Earth will already be harmful in heavenly Divine Consciousness, and what you find helpful on Earth will already be helpful in heavenly Divine Consciousness. As above, so below.”

20 Then Jesus asked his friends to not tell anyone that he or any one person in particular was the ‘Anointed One,’ or ever would be.

24 If anyone will follow my path, let them utterly deny their self, forget their self and surrender its thoughts and interests entirely, it being lifted up in crucifixion, and follow me in what I do.

25 Whoever wants to save their self will lose it and they will be destroyed, but whoever will surrender this self to be lost, to die, because of me, will save it. Their true Self will be found and known.

25 you must lose your life (ego), to find/save your Life (Eternal One).

Chapter 18

18 Truthfully, I’ll say this: whatever you declare as law and forbidden here on Earth will be as law in their minds, binding them, but whatever you set free and liberate on Earth will be liberated from their consciousness, liberating them.

19 And I’ll also say that even if just two of you agree on anything here on Earth, harmonizing your efforts as one symphony, if you so desire, it will be done by the One in you.

Chapter 22

36 “Teacher, what is the most important principle in our religion?”

37 Jesus replied, “Love your Divine Master with your whole core, and with your whole breath, and with your whole thought.”

38 “This is the very first and most important principle.”

39 “And a second one is just like it. Love all people as your own Self.”

40 “All religion, and all law, and all wisdom teachings are wholly dependent on these principles.”

Chapter 23

2 The prophets and apostles and seventies are leading the church, and are the ‘official’ teachers of the law of the gospel.

3 And so you have to be very observant to do everything that they teach you to do. But don’t do what they do, because they don’t practice what they teach you.

4 They issue many tedious tasks and responsibilities to the membership that are often very difficult to accomplish well and in full, but they often don’t lift a finger to do any of them themselves.

5 Much that they do is meant to be seen by the public for marketing purposes. They wear expensive neck ties, and slick suits from the finest tailors, made of the finest materials.

6 And they love to be the honored guests at government banquets and sitting in places of importance on the stand in meeting halls and chapels.

7 And they love to be greeted respectfully in the grocery stores and malls, and to be addressed by their honorific titles, ‘Elder,’ or ‘President.’

8 But don’t let anyone call you ‘Elder’ or ‘President,’ because you only have One true Head, which is the Christ within you, and you are all equal brothers and sisters.

8 Do not be called ‘rabbi,’ for you have One Master, and you are all of the same family.

9 And don’t call anyone here on Earth by the title ‘Bishop’ or ‘Father,’ because you only have One true Source, which is the God of the Universe, the Source of our Creation.

9 And don’t call anyone ‘father’ on the Earth, for you all have One Father, who is in heavenly consciousness

10 Neither should you be addressed as ‘Deacon,’ ‘Priest,’ or ‘Teacher,’ because you only have One true Teacher, which is the Christ within you, who is your Savior and Messiah.

10 And don’t let anyone call you ‘teacher,’ since your Teacher is One, the Anointed One Consciousness.

11 The persons who are truly greatest among you are those who serve you, and attend to your deepest needs.

12 Those people that exalt their false selves (the egoic self, natural man, carnal mind) will be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit, to the torment of the “human” mind, which is as exquisite as a lake burning with fire and brimstone; but those that humble their false selves, that offer up as a sacrifice this egoic psychological self consciousness on the altar of God, will be transfigured and exalted to the Highest Heaven in their True Self, the dwelling place of God in everlasting burnings. (See also Doctrine & Covenants 101:42 BHT.)

13 Such sadness and misery for you, “prophets” and “apostles;” you are pretenders! You slam the door shut of the Kingdom of Heaven right in your own people’s faces. You never go into the actual Kingdom yourselves through mystical contemplative experience, and you don’t even allow those who are currently entering from continuing in. You always put a stop to any such Divine experience, dead in its tracks!

14 Such despair and heartbreak for you, “prophets” and “apostles,” pretenders! You require tithes from even the most destitute of your people, who suffer from having nearly nothing, and yet they give from their poverty. They give far more than you wealthy people will ever give in an entire lifetime! You show people just how pious you are by then building temples all over the world, and praying often in those temples, but for what? It’s all for show, since you don’t actually enter the Kingdom, you just pretend that you do. How you will continue to be damned!

15 Such regret and suffering for you, “prophets” and “apostles,” pretenders! You send missionaries all throughout the world, to nearly every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, to find “save it be one soul” to convert, and when they are baptized you make them into twice as much a son of perdition as you are, not knowing God directly, and not helping to guide others to know directly either!

16 Such grief and torment for you, “prophets” and “apostles,” you blind guides! You teach “Whoever believes that their body, mind, and consciousness is the real and true Holy Temple of God, this is not true doctrine; but if anyone who’s tithed enters the temples we’ve built with human hands and makes covenants there, you are absolutely bound by those promises made in the presence of God, angels, and witnesses, or else!”

17 You blind and ungodly fools! Which is better? The tithes that go to building all of these man-made temples? Or, the Temples of our own Bodies, Souls, Minds, and Spirits? For these Temples are Sacred and Holy, the very dwelling place of God in us all, which is what generates that tithing in the first place!

18 And you also teach, “If anyone sacrifices by the Altar that is in the Holy of Holies of their own deepest Mind and Soul and Spirit, this is not true doctrine; but if you say ‘Yes’ to those covenants you’ve made by tithing yourselves to enter our man-made temples, you had better live up to every one of these covenants that you make at these altars in this temple, this day, or else!”

19 You unconscious and godless fools! Which is better? The tithes that are converted into your altars? Or, the Sacred Altar in our very own Holy of Holies of our Mind, which makes that tithing possible?!

20 When you pledge yourself to the true Altar in your Mind, you pledge yourself to it and everything that makes it up.

21 When you commit yourself to the true Temple of your Body, you commit yourself to it and to God that lives in it.

22 When you devote yourself to the true Kingdom of Heaven that is even here and now, you devote yourself to the throne of God, and to God who sits on it, which is the seat of Consciousness, the Self of Humanity and all of Life.

23 Such gloom and hardship for you, “prophets” and “apostles,” pretenders! You are scrupulous to tithe a tenth of your income, even from your side hobbies, but you have neglected the far more important aspects of the higher Law, such as justice and equity, mercy and love, and faithful contemplative communion. You should have practiced these things and not left them aside.

24 You imperceptive and contemplatively blind leaders! You sift out those few individuals you think may harm the Church, and yet you have swallowed teachings which lead the entire membership into darkness and ignorance.

25 Such unhappiness and dejection for you, “prophets” and “apostles,” pretenders! You make yourselves up to appear so clean, trimmed, and proper on the outside, but inside your minds you are still full of ego, pride, self-gratification, extravagance, and consumerist excess.

26 You spiritually blind “prophets”! Remember that God has said that “the inward vessel shall be cleansed first, and then shall the outer vessel be cleansed also.” We purify and sanctify our mind and consciousness first, and then our behavior will follow appropriately and according to God’s will.

27 Such sorrow and desolation for you, “prophets” and “apostles,” pretenders! You are like fine ebony and bronze caskets, which appear so beautiful on the outside, but on the inside they contain the bones and bodies of the dead.

28 Similarly, from all external appearances you seem so righteous, pure, and holy before humanity, but within your mind, soul, and spirit you are full of pretense, dissimulation, defilement, and anarchy, without control over your consciousness.

29 Such trials and tribulations for you, “prophets” and “apostles,” pretenders! You pay honor and respect to the ancient Prophets, and build monuments and statues over the early Saints.

30 Then you say, “If we had lived in their day, we would not have been among the mobs that tarred and feathered and martyred the Prophets in cold blood.”

31 But why would you incriminate yourselves? For the Prophet-Mystics were often brought to trial, convicted, and then executed by Church authorities, just like you. You are their successors.

32 Keep going, then, exactly as you are, and continue what your predecessors started! For it’s tradition!

33 Your egos are Satan, the psychological heirs of that very first serpent of all. I repeat, how will you escape the hellish torment and condemnation of your very own egoic minds?! For your own conscience will continue to damn you, and it is as exquisite as a lake burning with fire and brimstone.

34 Because of that, I’m sending true Prophets, wise and insightful men and women from every tradition, scientists, lovers of Wisdom, genuine mystics, and true Guides into the higher Law and direct Divine communion. Some of them you will excommunicate without further question; others you will silence into submission in their wards and stakes, or try to shame them right out of town.

35 And in doing this you will be guilty and held responsible for the blood of all such wise and deeply spiritual men and women who have suffered in vain, some being executed, throughout the whole world since the beginning of time, from Giordano Bruno and Galileo Galilei, to Symeon the New Theologian, Joan of Arc, and Joseph Smith, who you shot in that second story jail window. Yes, it was you.

36 I say this with all the certainty which I possess—those living today in the Church, and throughout the world, will become frustrated and suffer because of all of these things.

37 My God! Humans, humans!! You who shame the wise and stonewall those who have realized their Selves. How often I have longed to gather you together as One, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you would not have any of it! You refuse Me! You refuse your Selves!

38 Look at this! Your whole Earth is left desolate and barren, a dark and dreary world! You do not know Me anymore, personally, intimately, directly. You do not know your Selves.

39 I will tell you this: you will not see or know Me again until you can say, “Joyful are all those who have realized in them Selves the LORD’s name and identity.”

Chapter 26

52 Put away your guns. Those who use guns will die by guns.


Chapter 1

15 And Jesus began proclaiming, ‘The time has come and is right now! The consciousness of God is so very near and readily accessible! Change your minds and engage yourselves in this wonderful and joyful news!

15 The time of God’s reign is right now and it is right here! Change your mind and realize this wonderful news!

15 The time of God’s Presence is right now and it is right here! Transcend your mind and realize this wonderful news!

15 Now is the time! The Presence of God is right here! Go beyond your thinking minds and realize this wonderful news!

Chapter 8

34 Whoever wants to come to God, let them sacrifice their self identity, let it be lifted up on a cross, and let them follow me, doing as I have done.

35 For if you try to save your self, you will lose it, but if you lose your self, for the sake of the wonderful news of the Anointed One, you will save and find your true Divine Self.

35 you must lose your life (ego), to find/save your Life (Eternal One).

Chapter 12

29 The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one with our Self:

30 And thou shalt love thy Self in God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy Self. There is none other commandment greater than these.


Chapter 4

18 The Living Breath, Light-Energy, and Consciousness of the One Ultimate I AM has filled me and is throughout me to overflowing, because the Source I AM has Anointed ME and Purified my Mind and Being to announce, show forth, and spread abroad the Most Joyous and Excellent News to all those who have gentle, quiet, receptive, humble, and open minds and hearts, whose egos have been brought very low, even to the dust! The Great I AM Consciousness has Freed me to bind up, repair, comfort, and heal with oceans of olive oils, ointments, and balms upon the heads of all those whose hearts and minds have been crushed and shattered into millions of pieces, whose inner understandings of their place in this world and deepest affections have been crucified, torn to shreds and smashed to smithereens! To cry out with a loud voice the absolute and final Salvation, Liberation, and Freedom for all those who are seized and held captive by their own psychological egos, to give Clear Infinite Sight and Perception back to those whose minds have been blinded and obscured by their own self-consciousness, that the eyes of their Understanding may be Opened and the scales may tumble down from the sockets, and to once and for all throw open the prison gates in Deliverance and Rescue all those who are handcuffed and shackled by the darkness of their own erroneous understandings, false illusions, foolish knowledge, and delusions of the finite and selfish human intellectual mind!

19 The Great I AM has sent me to declare as with a loud trumpet that THIS Present Moment is the Time of Jubilee, the Hour of Joy of all Joys, the Day of our At-one-ment, when ALL people may be finally Freed from all their suffering, that it may cease! when all our guilt and shame may be finally and fully Forgiven, washed away completely from our minds, to be no more! and the Loving and Tender Mercies of Life itself are unveiled and revealed in Glory upon Glories, and Majesty upon Majesties, the Purest Love of All LOVE, Forever and Ever and Ever!

21 That Day is TODAY—it is right HERE, and it is right NOW—when these Holy Words are brought into Full and Complete Reality and Realization! Whoever has ears, let them Hear!! THE TIME IS COME AND IS NOW!

Chapter 6

40 The student is not better than the Teacher, but each one that realizes Perfection will be the same as the Teacher.

Chapter 9

24 you must lose your life (ego), to find/save your Life (Eternal One).

Chapter 10

22 No person has knowledge of the Son except the Father; likewise, no person has knowledge of the Father except the Son, and those in whom the Son unveils Him.

Chapter 12

16 The investments of a certain rich church yielded an abundant interest yield.

17 The church leaders thought to themselves, ‘What shall we do? We have no place to store our gain.’

18 Then they said, ‘This is what we’ll do. We will tear down our accounts and build bigger ones, buying up real estate and larger shares of corporations, and there we will store our surplus gain.

19 And we’ll say to ourselves, “self, you have plenty of gain laid up for many years. Take life easy; eat, drink and be merry.”

20 ’But God said to the church, ‘You fools! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?’

21 This is how it will be with whatever church stores up things for itself but is not rich toward God.

Chapter 14

11 (See Doctrine & Covenants 101:42 BHT.)

Chapter 17

20 One day the Pharisees asked Jesus when the kingdom of God would come. He replied to them, “The kingdom of God will not appear through empirical outward visible observation, subject to object, something you see with your eyes. No.”

20 Jesus was once asked by the Pharisees when the presence of God would come, and he said to them, ‘The presence of God will not come as something objectively visible in spacetime,

21 “You won’t be able to say, ‘Hey, look, here it is!’ or, ‘Look, it’s right over there!’ That is because the kingdom of God is always inside of you, in your soul, hidden deep in your consciousness. If you know it there, then you will see it outside of you as well.”

21 “so you can’t say, “here it is!” or “there it is!” No, for you will see the presence of God when you realize it is in you, always already.'”

22 “Then he said to those who were learning from him, ‘Likewise, soon you will crave to see the day when Christ returns, but you won’t see it like that.

23 “Some may say to you, “there is Christ!” or “here is Christ!” in some particular place. Don’t go looking there or follow them.

24 “For it’s like lightning, which flashes in the sky from one end to the other, shining everywhere, so will Christ be ever-present in spacetime when you realize it.'”

33 you must lose your life (ego), to find/save your Life (Eternal One).

Chapter 20

34 And Jesus replied to them saying, “Only people in this temporal condition get married.”

35 “But those who attain actual reality in the timeless condition, having been raised from spiritual death, they don’t marry.”

36 “And they are unable to die anymore, but are like living angels in nondual heavenly consciousness, and all of them are the Son of God, since they are children of the resurrection. They are One, and thus married to All.”

37 “Now, that the spiritually dead are raised up to timelessness, even Moses realized this at the burning bush, because he called the Lord ‘the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.'”

38 “So you can see, God is not a God of those who are dead, but of those who have become Life, and all beings to God are living in the eternal now.”


Chapter 1

1 At the beginning of spacetime was a Singularity, the One, and the One was with Being, and the One was Being.

2 This One was all Being ever since that beginning.

3 All things come into Being from this One, and without this One nothing has come into Being that has Being.

4 Life also emerges from this One, and this Life is the Light-Energy of Consciousness in all of Humanity and other organisms.

5 This Light-Energy shines through the darkness of our human egoic consciousness, but because of that egotism we cannot perceive it or understand it.

5 The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot grasp, perceive, or comprehend it.

6 A man came from that One named John the Baptist.

7 He came as one who knew it, telling about this Light, so that others might also perceive and understand it.

8 John did not perceive the fullness of the Light, but he was a witness of the Light,

9 the True Light-Energy that gives Life and Consciousness to every human who is born on Earth.

9 The true Light enlightens every person that is born into the cosmos.

10 This Light of Consciousness is born into the world from the same One in which this world itself emerges, but the ego doesn’t realize it.

11 Life and Consciousness come into its own egoic self, but this self does not receive its truer Self.

12 But all those who do receive this Life and Consciousness, who realize its reality in their true Identity, are liberated from the ego in the knowledge that they have been born from the One as Being, the I AM.

13 They are spiritually reborn in consciousness, not from human parents, nor from any egoic desire or will of any person, but from the One in God’s Being.

14 The One was reborn in a human who lived with us and was us. He was absolutely full and overflowing with Love and Truth. And we saw his Majesty and Glory, even the Bright Light of that One born in Being, above the brightness of the sun.

15 John taught as one who knew, declaring out loud, “This is the One I was referring to when I said, ‘The One that comes after my ego is gone is far greater than my ego, for it had Being long before my ego did.'”

16 We have all received this full realization, and an outpouring of Love that is incomprehensible.

17 For Law and Organization are given through preparatory gospels and ordinances like Moses, but a fullness of Love and Truth are realized through this Christ consciousness, even as Jesus showed us.

18 No one ever sees God directly, particularly from the egoic “natural man” consciousness. But the One reborn in God’s Being, in God consciousness, the One at the heart of our very own Source and Soul, this unveils and reveals God, and God is made known.

18 No person can perceive or know God, ever. Only God, the One who is born again in the very heart of the Father, reveals God.

19 And the following is the testimony that John the Baptist gave when the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem sent priests and other temple workers to ask him who he was.

20 He immediately acknowledged, “I [my ego] am not the Messiah, or ‘Anointed One.'”

21 So they asked him, “Well who are you? Are you Elijah?” He replied, “I’m not.” “Are you ‘the Prophet’?” He answered, “No.”

22 So they finally asked him, “Who are you then? We need to give an answer to the authorities that sent us. Who do you say you are?”

23 John replied using the words of the prophet Isaiah, “I am merely one voice in solitude declaring out loud, ‘Prepare your minds for the coming of God’s Being.'”

24 And the Pharisees who had been sent

25 asked him, “Why are you baptizing then, if you are not the Messianic ‘Anointed One,’ or Elijah, or ‘the Prophet’?”

26 John answered, “I baptize only with preparatory symbolic water, but there exists the One even in your presence right now who you do not realize and who you do not receive yourselves.

26 …There is one in the middle of you who you do not know…

27 “This is the One who comes inwardly after my outward preparatory efforts, and I’m not fit to even touch this Being.”

28 All of this happened in Bethany on the east side of the Jordan River, which is where John was baptizing people.

29 On the next day, John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, “Listen up everyone! Pay attention and observe very closely! Jesus is the embodiment of the Pure and Innocent Being of God, even the One, who can teach us how our realization of the One removes all our guilt and the defilements of humanity’s ego.”

30 “Here is a Great Example of the One as I said, ‘After my work will come a realization of the One which is far greater than all that I’ve done, for this has existed long before me.’

31 “I did not realize the One, which is the reason I came preparing you by symbolically baptizing you with water, so that this realization of the One might eventually be revealed to all those who struggle to know God’s Being.”

32 Then John bore witness and said, “I have seen a vision, and it was like the Breath of God’s Being descended from the sky like a dove, and it filled Jesus’s Being with Life and Light.

33 “Again, I have not realized the One fully yet, but I felt compelled by God to go and prepare others by symbolically baptizing them with water. And I was inspired with this thought, ‘The person who I see the Life of God’s Being rest upon, he will teach and show how the One cleanses all people with the Fire of God’s own Living Being and Consciousness within themselves.’

34 “And I have now seen this for myself in Jesus, and so I tell you now, that this is truly the One who has been reborn in God’s Being.”

35 The next day John was there again with two of his disciples.

36 And when he saw Jesus walk by, he said again, “Pay attention to him! Jesus is truly one who has realized the Pure and Innocent Being in the Oneness of God!”

37 When two of John’s disciples heard him say this, they went and followed after Jesus.

38 And when Jesus saw them following him he turned around and said, “What is wanted?” They replied to him, “We desire further light and knowledge from you, Teacher. Where are you presently?”

39 And Jesus said, “Come, and you will know.” So they followed him and knew where he was present, and since it was about four in the afternoon they stayed present with him the rest of the day.

40 One of the two who had heard John and followed Jesus was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother.

41 At the first opportunity, Andrew left to go find his brother Simon, and told him, “We have found one who has realized the Messiah or ‘Anointed One,'” (which is also translated as ‘Christ’).

42 Then Andrew brought Simon to Jesus. And when Jesus met him he said, “Your name is Simon, the son of John. But you will receive a new name, even Cephas” (which is also translated as ‘Peter,’ or ‘rock’).

43 The following day Jesus decided to go to Galilee. He found Philip along the way, and said to him, “Come, and you will know too.”

44 Philip was from the town of Bethsaida, as well as Andrew and Peter.

45 Philip went and found Nathanael, and said to him, “We’ve found One who has realized God, even like Moses wrote about in the Law, and also the prophets. His name is Jesus, the son of Joseph, and he’s from Nazareth.”

46 And Nathanael questioned, “Nazareth? Has any good come from there?” Philip replied to him, “Come, and you will know too.”

47 When he met Nathanael, Jesus said, “Here is a true Israelite with sincerity!”

48 Nathanael asked him, “But how do you know me?” Jesus answered, “Before Philip came to you, the One already knew you.”

49 Then Nathanael exclaimed, “Teacher! You have been reborn as One in God’s Being, even the Head of all those who struggle to know God!”

50 Jesus replied, “You believe this because I said ‘the One already knew you’? You will come to know far greater things than this.”

51 Then Jesus added, “Truly, I will tell you this—you will come to perceive Reality’s gates thrown wide open, and realizations of Light and Wisdom running up and down all across Humanity.”

Chapter 2

19 Jesus answered, “I will tear down this temple made with human hands, and will raise up the Temple in three days without human hands.”

20 They replied, “It has taken 46 years to build this temple, and you’re going to raise it up again in just three days?”

21 But Jesus was talking about the Temple of his body.

22 When Jesus was raised up from ego death, his followers remembered what he had said, and they realized what the scriptures meant and what Jesus had said.

Chapter 3

8 The winds of life whirl and flow where they please; you can hear the breeze but can’t know where it comes from or where it’s going. Thus are all those who are born of that spiritual wind.

16 Truly, in this way, God beloved the Cosmos—giving its only Self in all the Universe’s Creation so that all people who trust deeply in their Creation would not be lost and destroyed in their egos, but rather would know Infinite Life and Being.

16 For God Loved, and longed for the cosmos, and so incarnated its Self as the Uni-verse…

16 God loved the cosmos by fully giving its Singularity in becoming its plural Formation; and all who realize this One will not surely die, but will be unending Life.

16 The Ultimate Reality so loved the cosmos that it gave its One and only Self to incarnate as it all, every last temporal thing and being, so that everyone that realizes this in themself and trusts in it will not die in temporality, but will live in this Ultimate Reality eternally.

16 For God so loved the cosmos that God became it, all of it, as God’s singular incarnation of God’s Self; and whoever realizes this will not die, but will have timeless Life.

17 Because the Singularity did not incarnate as the great multiplicity of the cosmos to sentence all things and beings to temporal death, but to deliver them all into identification with its living Eternal Self.

18 Everyone that comes to trust in this One is not sentenced to death, but those who do not are as if already dead because they have not been converted to identification with this One and Only Eternal Reality.”

Chapter 4

21 “Beloved woman,” Jesus said, “rest assured, a moment is coming very soon—and is here even right now for some—when you will love our Source neither on this Mount Gerizim nor on any mountain, and neither in the temple at Jerusalem nor in any temple built with human hands.

22 “You don’t know what it is you worship. We should love the One that we know ourselves, the One through which salvation comes to Israel, even all those who ‘struggle to know God.’

23 “Yet a moment is coming very soon—and is here even right now for some—when real genuine worshipers will reverence our Source in the Spirit of Life and True Reality, for our Source desires that we adore and love this.

24 “God is this Breath and Spirit of Life, the Light-Energy which animates all Being and living Consciousness, including our Selves, and so those who wish to worship God should seek at-One-ment in this Spirit of Life and Love and True Reality that exists even right here and right now.

25 The woman then said to him, “I know that the Messiah or ‘Anointed One’ is coming very soon, the One that is also called ‘Christ.’ When he comes, he will certainly explain all of this to us and what it all means.”

26 And Jesus replied to her, “The One that speaks with you even now, I AM so Anointed.”

Chapter 5

16 Because of this, the Jews began persecuting him, for he was doing these things on the Sabbath day.

17 And so Jesus replied to them, “My Source is acting even in this moment, and so I am acting.”

18 And so the religious authorities tried even more to kill him, because he was not only breaking the law of the Sabbath, but was also calling God his own Source, thus making himself equal to God.

19 Jesus responded to them and said, “Of the Truth I say to you, the Son cannot act in any way of his own self, if he doesn’t perceive the Source acting; furthermore, whatever that Source does in him, these are the things that the Son also does.”

20 “For the Source loves its own Manifestation, and makes known to it all that it does. And even far greater things than these will the Source show it how to do, and you will be awestruck.”

21 “Just as the Source resurrects and awakens the dead elements and gives them the breath of life, in a similar way the Son also gives life to whomever and whatever he will.”

22 “Additionally, the Source does not judge anyone, to separate or distinguish them, but these decisions it has given to its Manifestation,

23 “so that all people may honor and value the Son, even as those Sons honor and value their Source. Those who do not honor the Manifestation are not honoring its Source, the One that sent it into the world.”

24 “Of the Truth I say to you, those who hear my words, and trust in the One that sent me, they have realized timeless Life, and they do not enter into the judgement of dualistic separation, but have rather passed out of that spiritual death into Life itself.”

25 “Of the Truth I tell you that the time is both coming, and is right now and right here, when those who are spiritually dead will hear the voice of the Manifestation of God, and having heard it they will Live.”

26 “Just as the Source has Life in its Self, so too it gave its Manifestation Life, that it may have Life in its Self,”

27 “and gave it the power to act, and decisions to make, because it is the Human One.”

28 “Don’t be surprised at this, because the time is coming, and is even now, when all those who are inwardly dead in their tombs, not knowing their Self, will hear the One’s voice,

29 “and they will come out of their dead state, awakening to their Self, those that do good to the resurrection of timeless Life, and those who do bad to the resurrection of their own self-judgement.”

30 “As I said, I am not able to do anything of my own ego-self; I decide to act in the moment I hear that voice, and the decision I make is right because I don’t inquire of my own ego or intellect, but rather I do the deeper will of the One in me.”

30 “I can do nothing by my own power and ability. I listen deeply within, from which I make decisions. And these decisions are good and right because they don’t come from my own egoic will or desires, but rather are the will of the One from which I’ve come.”

30 I cannot do anything by my own self. I listen deeply, and then I act, & my action is good because I don’t seek my own egoic will, but rather the will of the One that manifests me.

Chapter 6

46 No person has known the Father, except the One who is God. Only this One knows the Father.

Chapter 7

17 If any one desires to practice coming into At-one-ment with God’s will and consciousness, through contemplative prayer and deep meditation, they will be able to perceive and understand directly in their Selves concerning these teachings, whether they come from God’s Mind, or whether I speak from my egoic psychological self.

Chapter 9

39 I have come to discern in this world that those who are blind actually see, and those who think they can see are blind.

39 Jesus told him, “I’ve come to distinguish two types of people in this world: those with blinded minds are the seers, gnosing Reality, and those who think they can see are actually the blind ones, not really knowing what they think they know.”

40 Some Pharisees who were standing nearby heard him and asked, “Are you saying that we’re blind?”

41 Jesus said, “If your minds were truly blinded, you would be redeemed from all error; but it’s because you think you can see and know perfectly that you are blind and still in error.”

Chapter 11

25 I AM is the resurrection and is even now our very Life. Anyone who realizes this I AM will continue Living, even though the body-mind ego dies.

26 Everyone who is Living and realizes I AM in them will never ever die…

Chapter 12

24 Truly, let me say, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains a separate and single seed. But if it dies, it produces an abundance of new life.

25 So too, those who love their life will lose it, and they will surely die, but those who lose their life in this world, letting the ego die, will find Eternal Life.

25 Those who love their self will eventually lose it, but those who reject their self’s worldly thoughts will save their eternal Self.

25 you must lose your life (ego), to find/save your Life (Eternal One).

Chapter 13

34 I offer you a new precept to live by. I encourage you to Love each other, to prefer Love above all else. Even as you have seen me Love you, I urge you, plead for you, to Love one another.

35 This is how all people will know that you are of Me—if you Love each other.

Chapter 14

12 I tell you with certainty, whoever trusts in Christ will do the things I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than me.

12 Surely, whoever has realized Christ, the things that I do they will also do, and they will do even greater things, since I am going to the Father.

15 If you really love me, you will preserve and maintain the counsel I’ve given you, treasuring it for your good.

Chapter 15

11 “O Holy God, keep them consciously in your Name/Identity, which you’ve graced me to realize, that they may be One just as we are One.”

13 No one has greater Love than one who lets their psychic self die for the Beloved.

21 “…that they may continually realize they are this One, God, just as you are in me, and I am in you. May they remember they are also in us…

22 “I have helped them see the glory that you gave me you’ve also given to them, so they realized they are One, just as we are One.

23 “I AM in them! You are in us! May they be always in conscious awareness of this absolute unity of Being.”

Chapter 16

7 In truth I’m telling you, it is for your own good that I leave you. For if you don’t let go of me, the Christ Consciousness will not arise in you. But if you let go of your attachment to me, God will then realize it in you.

7 I tell you, truly, it is for your own good that I go away. Because if I don’t go away, the Christ will not come to you. But if I go, that will allow Christ to be realized in you.

Chapter 17

3 Now this is timeless universal Life, without beginning or end——to directly perceive and realize God, the One, the Truth, and experience Christ consciousness in this One sent into the world.

3 Now this is timeless Living—the intimate gnosing of your Presence, the One, the Real, the Divine, even your Incarnation in and as the world.

3 This is what it means
to have Eternal (Timeless) Life:
to gnose You,
the singular real God that is,
and Your Anointed Incarnation (Christ)
as each and every One that is.

6 I have unveiled Your Name/Identity to these people that You gave to hear me in the world. “They” were always in You, but You caused “them” to read me, and “they” have tried so hard to follow Your Way.

7 And now “they” have realized that everything that You gave me to say was always Yours.

8 The words that You placed in me, when I’ve been inspired, I have simply passed along to “them,” and “they” have received them and embraced them. “They” truly recognize that my “I” has grown forth out of You, and “they” have trusted that You sent this “I” simply as a messenger to them.

9 But I AM praying now for “them,” not for “those” really lost in the world of duality and ego do I pray, but rather for “those” You have given to have ears to hear and eyes to see to read me, for “they” are always in You!

10 Everyone that is gifted to read these words are in You, and in everyone that is in You that You’ve gifted to hear me, I AM honored, blessed, and humbled in them.

11 I AM no longer lost in identification with the duality of this world, but “they” in their “selves” are still somewhat lost in that world. Yet this “I” is always coming back to You, in You! wHoly Source, You have let me awaken in the unity of Your Name/Identity, may You also keep “them” in that Name/Identity, that “they” may also realize “they” are already One, just as we are One?

12 While I have been with “them,” I have been keeping “them” in Your Name/Identity as One, just as You awakened me in that Oneness. I kept careful watch over “them,” and I made sure that none of “them” was lost again in that duality, in that death that comes from eating from the knowledge of duality, just as our scriptures say “thou shalt surely die.”

13 But these “I” are right now coming to You. “I” have to say these things while “I” am still in the dualistic world of language, but I do so in the hope that “they” may have my same fullness of Joy in “them.”

14 I have given “them” Your words of Oneness and Love, and the egoic world of duality naturally hates and detests them, because they are not about that dualistic world, just like I AM not about that dualistic cosmos.

15 I’m not asking that You literally take “them” out of the world, but rather that You may keep “them” from the evil of that duality and separateness.

16 “They” are not truly of that world, just like I AM not of that cosmos of separation, alienation, duality, brokenness, apartness, disconnection, segregation, rupture, breach, disunion, disunity, the division, the estrangement, the divorce, the Fallenness, the partitions, the walls, the otherness, the borders, the conflicts, the wars that are caused by that psychospiritual split of identity.

17 Please God make “them” wHoly again in the Truth, for your Logos alone is that Truth.

18 Just like this “I” has grown out of You into the world, the I AM sends “them” out of You into the world.

19 It is my gift to “them” that I daily purify my “self” of this psychospiritual duality, so that “they” may be likewise purified and made Whole in the Truth.

20 I’m not praying just for these people alone, however, but for all “those” who also persuaded to trust the I AM through “their” words too.

21 This is so that all may realize “they” are One, already, just as You, Source, are in me, and I AM in You, that “they” may be at-One in Us, that every thing and being in the whole cosmos may confidently realize and directly gnose that “mWe” grow out of You!

22 And the wondrous Glory that You gift to me in this gnosis, you also gift to “them,” so that “they” may all be One, just as mWe-One, already!

23 I AM in “them”! You are in mWe! mWy God! may “they” please awaken to this orgasmic consummation in the One that “they” already are! surpassing all dualistic knowledge and understanding, so that the whole cosmos may gnose that mWe all grow out of You, that You Love “them,” in the very same way as you Love “me,” for You Love things by becoming “them”!

24 Source, Absolute, One, Mother, Father, Pater, Abba, Momma, these people that you have given to hear mWe, I AM wills that where I AM, they are also, already, that “they” may be with mWe, that “they” may gnose mWy Glory upon Glories, Beauty without end, Truth without beginning, Goodness without middle, that you give mWe, always, because you Love mWe, and always have, from before the cosmos ever even was.

25 Mamma, Papa, innocent and defileless One that is my own Source, even though the dualistic world does not gnose You, and cannot gnose You, I AM gnoses You, now, and mWe gnose You, even right now, and mWe gnose that mWe sends Us in this eternal NOW.

26 I have just clearly unveiled Your Name/Identity to “them,” even in “them,” and will continue to make it so gnosed, so that the Love with which You Love mWe may already be in “them,” even as I AM already in them. I AM. Do I gnose I? Do you hear the voice that is reading these words right now in your mind? It is I.

26 I have told them about You, and I will continue to tell them about You, so that your Love that has been in me may also be in them, and that they might realize that Christ is in them.


Chapter 1

11 The angels said, “Why are you Galileans here gazing into heaven? This one Christ who was caught away from you into heavenly consciousness will come to YOU in the same Way that you saw him die into that heavenly consciousness.”

Chapter 7

48 The transcendent God does not inhabit or reside in temples made with human hands.

Chapter 17

16 While Paul was in Athens waiting for his companions, he was overcome with anguish and was deeply pained when he saw all the idols scattered throughout the city, symbols of Deity which were being worshiped instead of God.

17 So he went to the churches to try to persuade the Jews and other worshipers there, and every day he went out into the streets of the market and public square and social media forums to speak with the people who were gathered there.

18 And he also met a group of philosophers from various intellectual traditions and had a conversation with them. When Paul told them about Christ consciousness and how people could be raised up in their consciousness to at-one-ment in God, and how their being could be restored to ultimate union in Life as taught and shown by Jesus, they laughed and sneered at him, “What is all of this mystical psychobabble? He’s saying literally nothing that is logically coherent.” Others ridiculed, “He’s seems to be asserting Gods that are wildly disconnected and foreign to our historical records.”

19 So they grabbed him and brought him to the high council in the city, where they asked him, “What can you tell us about this unorthodox teaching you’re giving?

20 “Because it seems you are saying some very strange mystical nonsense, and we want to know what all of these new things are supposed to mean.”

21 (All the residents and foreigners in Athens liked to spend most of their time in the social forums talking about or listening to the latest and newest ideas.)

22 Paul then stood up in the middle of the high council and opened his mouth, saying: “Athenians!! In nearly every way you are overwhelmingly religious, pious, devout, and sincerely devoted, but I perceive that you do not know what it is you’re even worshiping.

23 “Even while I was walking around the city and saw the temples where you worship, I came across a plaque that had this engraving: ‘HOLINESS TO THE LORD, THE HOUSE OF THE LORD.’ And yet, few of you say you directly know the Lord that you worship there. This is who I will tell you about right now.

24 “God is the Power that formed the whole Earth and all things that are in it and around it and through it. As the Owner and Possessor of the entire universe above and all material things here below, God does not live in temples that are constructed by any human hands.

25 “And God cannot be ministered to by human hands, as if the Universe needed anything at all from us who live in it. No! Quite the contrary, the Universe and its Laws already give to everyone and everything their Life, and Breath, and all things that they have and that they need.

26 “From a singularity Natural Law burst forth and created all things in the universe and all of Life throughout the cosmos and upon the whole surface of the Earth, even all of humanity, each and every one having its appropriate times and seasons and limits of living.

27 “And in the time each one has to live, it is natural for them to seek their Maker, that they might consciously sense and feel their way towards their Source in communion, to actually find and know this Lord in themselves, even the Ground of their very own Being. And this is not at all distant from any one of us. How could it be?

28 “As one of your own poets, Epimenides, once said, ‘For in God we live our Lives, we move our Bodies, and exist as conscious Beings.’ Even another of your famous poets, Aratus, wrote, ‘We are of God’s own kind and nature.’

29 “Since we ourselves are of God’s own kind and nature, we should not think that the Divine is any particular physical external thing or object like the materials of the Earth, or even like any other symbolic image or idea that may be formed in the conceptual human mind.

30 “In previous times humanity did not understand these things, but now Nature is teaching us that all people everywhere can and should change their minds, adjust their consciousness, and actually come to know their Lord and Source of Being in themselves.

31 “Because there is a day coming when every person will surely die, and will return to their Source to be known perfectly by that One in plainness. And it has been shown to us with certainty that this can be done during life through the resurrection of One from spiritual death and ignorance to a purity of Life and Knowing.”

32 But when they heard Paul talk about the resurrection of the dead during life, some laughed and ridiculed him again. Yet there were others that said, “We want to hear you talk more about this later.”

33 And so with that, Paul left that high council meeting.

34 Some of the people who were there followed him and believed in what he was saying, including Dionysius, who was a member of the high council, and also a woman Damaris, as well as several others.


Chapter 3

23 All human egos are wrong, being separate selves, and thus are lacking the fullness of God.

24 But all beings are made right as a free gift of God because of the deliverance that is in the One.

28 Therefore, we suggest that a human is made right in God, freed from all blame, through the persuasion of direct realization of God in them, and NOT through their obedience to laws and ordinances.

Chapter 6

5 Since we have been made One with Christ in ego death, we have also been resurrected to Life as Christ is.

Chapter 8

1 So now there is no punishment or guilt for those who are in Christ consciousness.

2 Because in Christ consciousness the Way of the life-giving Spirit makes you free from the Law of the ego and mortality.

3 The Mosaic Law could not give that freedom, because it was based on ego and mortality. But God did it by manifesting its own Self in the frame of the body, and thus gained power over the body and mortality.

4 And this is done so that God’s Law is fulfilled within us, who do not occupy themselves with ego, the body, and material forms, but with the spirit, consciousness, and intangibles.

5 For those who think about the ego and body only think about what the ego-self wants, but those who are mindful of Spirit and consciousness are conscious of what the Spirit wants.

5 Those who are identified with the particular self, the skin-encapsulated ego, think only of egoic things. But those who are identified with universal Spirit, the boundless Self, are consciously aware of Spiritual things.

5 Those who think they are the ego are attached to the thoughts of their mind. But those who are of the Spirit are free in consciousness.

6 To have an egoic thinking mind is to suffer misery and death, but to be mindful of Spirit is to be at-one with Life, Peace, and Rest.

6 The ego body-mind is impermanent and ephemeral, and is therefore death, but consciousness in the Spirit is eternal Life and Peace its Self.

6 The egoic mind is physical and spiritual death, but pure consciousness is eternal Life and Peace itself.

7 For the egoic mind is at odds with God, because it does not submit itself to God’s Law, and it can’t do so either.

7 The ‘natural man,’ or ego-self, is an enemy to the One; it does not submit itself to the Way of the One, and indeed it is not possible for it to do so.

7 Because the dualistic thoughts of the human mind are naturally alienated and opposed to the oneness of God. Thus they are not in harmony with the Way of God, nor indeed can they ever be.

7 The thoughts that make up the ego-self are enmity, alienated and hostile to Divine Love and Oneness.

8 So those who are in the ego-self mind are not in harmony with God.

8 Therefore, those who are identified with the ego-self cannot ever please the One.

8 So those who are attached to their thoughts cannot do what God wills in them.

9 But you are not in the ego mind, but are of Spiritual consciousness, if you realize God’s Spirit lives in you. And if you don’t know you have this Spirit of Christ consciousness in you, this Awareness, then you remain in ignorance and unconsciousness.

10 If Christ consciousness is aware in you, then even though your physical body and ego are mortal and will die, this Spirit gives you Life because you know you are rightfully One in God.

11 Yes, if that same Spirit which raised up Jesus from ego death is alive and aware in you, then as God raises up Christ from that death, God gives Life to your mortal bodies through the very same Christ Spirit that is in you!

12 So, my dear family, we owe nothing to the ego, to do what it wants us to do.

13 Because if you just do what the ego wants, you live as the ego, and you will suffer and die. But if you live by the Spirit awareness in you, which allows the ego mind to die, then you will Live.

14 All those who are led by the Spirit of God in them are the Children of God, the very Manifestation of God.

14 All those who are guided by the Spirit of God are the Son of God.

15 This Spiritual awareness that you have does not make you subservient slaves again, living in fear. Rather, the Spirit you have makes you One with the “family” or reality of God, which is why we pray, “Dad, or Father!”

16 God’s Spirit sees and knows itself as One in our spirit, and that we are offspring, manifestations, emanations, or incarnations of God’s own Self.

16 The Spirit itSelf attests within our spirit that we are the Son of God.

17 And since we are offspring of God, then we are recipients of Godhood, all together in Christ consciousness; and if we have compassion with one another we will all be glorified together in majesty, beauty, and splendor.

18 I think that the suffering and misfortune that we now experience is nothing compared to the hidden Beauty, Glory, Brilliance, and Honor that will be discovered within us.

19 All individuals wait and watch with intense attention, concentration, and anticipation for this unveiling of the offspring of God in them.

20 For each individual was unwillingly subjected to the fallen ego, by God, in the expectation

21 that the individual would be freed from this fallen bondage into the glorious liberation of being a manifestation of God.

22 We know that many people ache and feel agonizing pain these days.

23 And not only them, but we too who have tasted the Spirit, we sob within ourselves looking forward to when we are fully delivered from the ego.

24 We have faith in this deliverance; but seeing it, in full, would not be faith. For we need no faith in something that is seen and known already.

25 But if we have faith and trust in that which we cannot see, then we look forward to it, patiently waiting for it.

26 And also, the Spirit helps us endure our weaknesses and imperfections, for example, we don’t know what exactly we should pray for in words, but the Spirit says it for us with silent breaths that are ineffable.

27 The One seeks deeply throughout our hearts, and knows the Spirit’s consciousness, and works in those that are whole and thus in harmony with God.

28 We who love God, and are touched by God’s Way, know that everything works out in the end.

29 For God knew that all beings from the beginning would be created after the figure of God’s offspring, that being the prototype of many beings.

30 And so all beings were known and identified; and those identified were also made innocent and free; and those made innocent and free are also made glorious and beautiful.

31 So then what can we say about all of this? If God is on our side, then who can there possibly be against us?

32 The One who did not even keep back its own offspring, but gives it up in us all, how will it not also freely give us all things?

33 Who can bring anything against those who God has created, God’s very own? For it is GOD is who made us innocent and free!

34 Who is there that can possibly judge or punish us? The egoic mind has passed away, and Christ consciousness has been raised up and awakened in us, and this is intrinsically right with God, always, and it speaks for us.

35 What could ever possibly separate us from the loving union of Christ consciousness in us? Will great trouble or suffering, great anxiety or sorrow, harassment or hostility, hunger or scarcity, nakedness or poverty, dangers or threats, or even death itself?

36 As the scriptures say (Psalm 44:22), “We die daily in You. We’re like sheep that are slaughtered.”

37 No. In all of these things, we are overwhelmingly the winners in that Love in us.

38 Because I am absolutely sure that not death or life, nor angels or demons, nor any influences whatsoever, neither anything today or what may come tomorrow,

39 nor great obstacles, nor deep traps, nor anything else in all of God’s creation, can separate us from God’s loving union in Christ consciousness, our true Self.

Chapter 12

1 Because of God’s infinite Compassion and Love, I strongly urge and encourage you, then, brothers and sisters, to yield yourselves and offer up your “natural man” and “carnal mind” self as a living sacrifice, which sacrifice is Holy and Sacred and well pleasing to God, and this is real and true worship.

2 And don’t follow after the trends and popular notions of the world today, but rather be transfigured in God through the complete refinement and restoration of your mind to its pure and undefiled state; and then you will be able to discern and know the excellent, joyful, perfect and complete mind and will of God.

Chapter 13

8 Don’t let yourself be indebted to anyone, except to Love one another. That’s it! Whoever Loves one another is fulfilling God’s Law in its totality.

9 It is said: ‘Thou shalt not murder,’ ‘Thou shalt not steal,’ ‘Thou shalt not covet,’ and all the rest, but these are all summarized in this simple saying: ‘Love the other as your Self.’

10 For Love doesn’t harm its Self, that’s why Love is the full and complete Way of God.

1 Corinthians

Chapter 1

18 The symbol of the Christian cross, and ego crucifixion, is simply absurd and total silliness to most mortal humans, but it is the greatest strength and Divine power to those who are delivered from this mortal nature.

19 I will once again surprise you, with awe beyond awe. The ‘knowledge’ of your so-called ‘wise’ will die, the ‘understanding’ of your teachers will vanish.

19 But as Isaiah said, ‘The wisdom of the worldly wise will always fall apart and be ruined, and the so-called intelligence and knowledge of intellectuals will be found to be erroneous and rejected.’

20 So what does that make of all the smart people, the scholars, the world’s great speakers and philosophers? God has made worldly intelligence look utterly foolish.

21 Since God is in true Wisdom, worldly wisdom will never come to know God, so God sees to it that through seemingly absurd and silly teaching people can be saved who realize it.

22 The traditionally religious seek all kinds of signs and miracles falling out of heaven, and the secular seek mere human knowledge.

23 But we teach that Christ is crucified! the very Messiah is killed, the Anointed One suffers death, the Incarnation of the Ultimate Reality is destroyed! and this offends the religious, and the secularists think it’s all just nonsense.

24 Those who realize it, however, who are invited by God into that direct realization, both among the devout and the secular, know through personal experience that this crucified One is both the strength of God, and true Wisdom in God.

25 Because this absurdity of God is wiser than all of humanity’s so-called intelligence, and even the weakness of God is greater than all the strength that humanity can muster.

26 Beloved, recall what you were when you had that awakening, that realization in God. Few were considered ‘smart’ by worldly standards. Few were very famous or influential. Few were born into rich families or had deep pockets.

27 But God chooses these seemingly ‘stupid’ and ‘foolish’ people in the world to confound and frustrate those who think they are so smart. God is realized in those who are seemingly ‘weak’ and ‘nothing’ to confuse those who think they are so very powerful.

28 God is discovered in the very lowest things of this world, even those most despised and rejected of the world, those who are thought to be absolutely nothing and nobody, to bring to nothing those who think they are really something and somebody.

29 And in this way, no individual human being is actually very great or mighty in God’s reality.

30 It is because of God that we now realize that we are IN Christ, and this has become for us the true Wisdom of God. It is the Divine that makes us just and good, who purifies us into wholiness, who rescues us from ego death. It’s all God’s doing.

31 This is so that, as Jeremiah wrote, ‘if anyone is to brag, they may only brag about what the Ultimate Reality is doing.'”

Chapter 2

14 But the “natural man,” in its egoic carnal logical analytical rational intellectual self-aware consciousness, often cannot accept or make sense of the things of the Spirit of God. For these things can seem like utter foolishness, absurd, illogical, irrational, unreasonable, silliness, and ridiculous to that typical state of consciousness, and it can’t perceive or know or understand them. They can only be searched through and examined well by one’s Spiritual mind and consciousness, which is more holistic, creative, intuitive, abstract, non-linguistic, and imaginative.

(See also D&C 50:22; 2 Nephi 9:28; Isaiah 55:8-9)

15 Indeed, Spiritual consciousness in the human mind can search through and investigate all things, but this consciousness cannot itself be searched and examined by any egoic mind or analytical consciousness.

16 For “what egoic mind has ever known the mind of Christ consciousness, to teach it anything wise or enlightening?” But we understand these things because we have Spiritual minds of Christ consciousness.

(See also Isaiah 40:13-14)

Chapter 3

1 My Family, I could not speak to you as people who are Spiritually conscious, but rather as people who are ego minded and are caught in the errors of the egocentric psychological self, just infants yet in the Anointed Christ consciousness.

2 I had to speak to you words that were like milk to drink, and not solid foods, because you couldn’t yet process it in your minds. Your minds are still not ready to consider these things.

3 You are still egotistical and deluded by the self-centered consciousness. Because even as people feel resentful, hostile, and are unhappily averse to other people’s possessions or qualities, or greedily desire and grasp at them for their own, and there is contention, angry fighting, bitter disagreement, heated bickering, and mean arguments and debates that cause divisions between people, is this not egotism? Are you not still acting with a consciousness that is still the carnal “natural man,” which is self-absorbed, self-interested, self-seeking, narcissistic, self-important, self-admiring, self-regarding, selfish, and conceited?

4 Really, if one person says, “I like what Bryce teaches,” and another person says, “I’ll only believe Joseph Smith,” and someone else says, “Well, I follow Gautama,” and yet another says, “I’m fully with Pope Francis,” and again someone else says, “But I only like Sam Harris,” are you not still trapped in your self-deceiving, society-dividing, self-obsessed, arrogant, and uniquely vain human self-consciousness that thinks its own ideas are the right ones?

5 Who, ultimately, are Bryce Haymond, and Joseph Smith, and Siddhartha Gautama, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and Sam Harris, and so many others, except merely human teachers through whom you have learned some truth and come to trust it and have confidence in it, even as this One Creative Universe has delivered each of their gifts and talents into humanity.

6 I may have planted a seed of truth, and Harris may have watered and fertilized that seed, but it is your Life in the One that has made it grow within your mind and consciousness, to ‘enlarge your soul,’ to ‘enlighten your understanding,’ even as Joseph Smith and Gautama taught.

7 So it is neither the person who plants the seed of truth, nor the person who waters and digs about that seed, nor the person who points out how it enlarges and enlightens your understanding. They are all nothing! They are not what is important, ever. It is the Source of your Life and Light in your own consciousness that causes the enlargement and enlightenment of that Truth in your Being.

8 Those that plant and water and fertilize and dig and teach and point all have the same purpose and goal in One—to help point you towards the Light of Truth within you—and each one of them will be rewarded for the fruits of their hard work, as will you.

9 Because sincerely, we are all working together, every one laboring towards Truth, in this One Creative Universe. Indeed, YOU ARE the very Life and Sustenance of this Divine Universe, the “farmer’s field” in which all Truth is planted and harvested; YOU ARE the very Materialization and Incarnation of our One Source, the “building” that is constructed and edified within all of this Wonderous Creation.

10 By the deeply humbling Gift I’ve been granted by our Source of Consciousness, as a wise designer or expertly skilled architect might do, I’ve pointed towards the foundation of those deep concrete piles, and now others may build on top of that foundation. But whoever builds, even each and every person, should take utter care, attentive observation, and contemplative consideration of how they are going about building on it.

11 Because no one can put down a different foundation than the one that already exists, that is already laid down for us, which is this——the ‘I AM that Saves and Liberates’ our Minds and Souls and Bodies from that egoic self-centered unconsciousness that we all have, even the ‘Anointed One’ of that Pure and Perfect and Wholly Complete Being which we ALL are deep within our very own Selves beyond our frail and broken psychological superficial selves, just as Jesus and Gautama and many others have shown and taught to us for ages.

12 So if anyone builds on a different foundation with gold and silver, and expensive granites from Canada, and fine marbles from Italy, and exquisite cherry or walnut woods from various forests around the USA, like the “sticks” and “straws” in traditional fables,

13 every such outward material workmanship built with human hands will eventually be revealed and recognized plainly for what it is; for that Day of realization and awakening in your consciousness will unveil it in the true Light, even by a Fire above the brightness of the sun. And by that Fire, you will discern and recognize the authenticity of all such workmanship, and on what foundation it is built.

14 If the workmanship of the building endures and survives that Fire upon the foundation where it has been built, then that builder will be commended and rewarded for having so constructed their structure.

15 But if any workmanship is burned to the ground in that Fire, the builder will suffer to the depths of their soul, even great losses, damages, and injuries in that dark night, but even so will still be saved and liberated by that Fire in consciousness, even as fire refines and purifies.

16 How is it that you cannot perceive and ascertain that it is YOU your Self that is the true and living Holy Temple of God, the Source of our very Being, and that the Spirit of Life and of this Divine One Source lives right within the living Holy of Holies of YOUR very own Self, your Mind, your Soul, your Body, your Consciousness? that Christ’s Spirit is YOUR Spirit that animates the entirety of your own Life?

16 Don’t you see that YOU are the House of the Lord, even the Temple of God, and that the Life and Breath and Spirit of God Himself lives within you?

16 Do you not know, and can you not see, that YOU are the temple of God, that sacred edifice, the very real Holy of Holies, and that God’s live-giving Spirit, Christ’s spirit, even the breath of Life, lives within YOU?

16 Don’t you know that YOU yourselves are God’s sacred living place, so that God’s Spirit lives in YOU?!

16 Don’t you know that YOU are the Temple of God, and that God’s Spirit lives in YOU?

16 Don’t you know that YOU are the habitation of God, and that God breathes in YOU?

17 If any human ego attempts to defile, corrupt, spoil, or destroy this Temple of the Divine Life that YOU yourselves are in the least degree, then that Divine Life itself will eventually tear down that ego completely to the dust of the ground. For the House of the true and living Life of this Universe and Creation is the Most Holy One, Sacred, Sanctified, Saintly, Pure, Sinless, Consecrated, and Most Gloriously Beautiful ONE that exists, and You are That! That is your true Self!

17 If the “natural man” corrupts, defiles or destroys the Temple of God, God will destroy the “natural man,” because the Temple of God is Holy, Sacred, Pure, and Perfect, and that is what you are!

18 Don’t let your egos deceive, beguile, or seduce your own consciousness into believing that you are anything other than This, the ONE, even as that egoic “serpent” did in the very beginning. If any of your egos think they are so very smart, intelligent, learned, intellectual, lettered, or wise as to the things pertaining to humanity’s dualistic knowledge, ‘supposing they know of themselves,’ then you should soon allow your egoic consciousness to become unlearned, unknowing, unwise, and emptied of ALL those worldly objects of consciousness, so that you may be filled to overflowing with true Wisdom from the nondualistic One Source of our Life and Love and Consciousness.

19 For ALL those ways of mind and intellectual understanding among most of humanity are for all eternity absolute nonsense and nothingness and emptiness when one has the mind and consciousness of the ONE. As it is written in the Book of Job: “One consciousness catches those who think they know in their very own false wisdom, and the extensive counsels of that ego who ‘struggles and wrestles in God’ are brought to a swift end” (Job 5:13).

20 Or again, as the Psalmist notes, “One consciousness knows that all the thoughts and designs of the human ego since the beginning are devoid of the real and absolute Truth, and evaporate like a breath on glass” (Psalm 94:11).

21 On account of all of that, therefore, let not a single one of you talk with excessive pride or satisfaction about the things they’ve learned from any other single human person whatsoever! Because ALL things are yours, even now,

22 whether it is through Bryce, or Joseph, or Siddhartha, or Jorge, or Sam, or by scientific study of the Cosmos, or the biology of Life, or the dark night of Death (whether egoic or biological), or the Present moment of now, or things that will come into Present awareness, they are all yours even now, and you can grow into the Truth from them ALL.

23 You are ALL of this ‘Anointed’ Christ-Buddha-Vishnu-Messiah-Laozi-Manifestation-Virgin Point, and the Body of Christ-Buddha-Vishnu-Messiah-Laozi-Manifestation-Virgin Point is of the ONE Eternal God Being that is this Reality of the Universe.

Chapter 6

17 Those who awaken to union with God are of One Spirit in God.

17 Those who realize union in Christ Consciousness are of one and the same Consciousness.

19 Do you know that your flesh is the Word’s temple, the sanctuary of the Divine Singularity? It is not you but God’s own wHoly Spirit that lives in you, and breathes in you. You don’t belong to your self; you are not your own separate independent autonomous being.

19 Don’t you know that YOUR body is the Temple of the whole Spirit, who lives in YOU, and you have received this body from God? You don’t belong to your ego self.

19 Don’t you realize that your body is the sacred abode of God, the Divine dwelling-place, the Holy Place of Divine manifestation, and you have this flesh from God? It’s in YOU! You are not your own.

20 Rather, you are at-One in God, who has spent billions of years creating you to be its habitation. So glorify the Word who lives in your flesh and who is your Spirit.

20 You are God’s, and Gods, and therefore of ultimate worth. Realize and celebrate God as Present right here and now in YOUR living body!

Chapter 10

23 All things are allowed by God/Reality, but not all things are helpful, practical, or worthwhile. All things are allowed by God/Reality, but not all things are illuminating, uplifting, or constructive.

Chapter 12

12 Just like a human body has many parts, all the parts of the body, although there are many, make up a single body; it is the same with the Anointed One (Christ).

13 We are all also of a Singular Nature. We are all immersed in One Body, whether you are Christian or Buddhist, or whether you are an employee or a business owner, we are all sustained by that very same One Reality.

14 It’s true that the human body does not have only a single part, but many parts.

15 If a foot could say, “Since I am not the hand, I am not part of the body.” That doesn’t mean it is not part of the body.

16 Or if an ear could say, “Since I am not the eye, I am not part of the body.” That doesn’t mean it is not part of the body.

17 If the entire body was an eye, where could it hear? Or if the entire body was an ear, where could it smell?

18 But Ultimate Reality has evolved all the parts, each one of them in the body, as it willed them to be.

19 If it was all just one body part, where would be the whole body?

20 But as it turns out, even though there are many parts, it is still only a single body.

21 The eye can’t say to the hand, “I don’t need you!” Or the head can’t say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”

22 No. It’s quite the opposite. Those parts of the body that seem to be inferior are actually the most essential.

23 The parts of the body that we may think are the least valuable, we actually care about the most. So, for example, those parts we may think are ugly, we clothe with greater protection,

24 but the parts we think are most presentable don’t need such special treatment. Ultimate Reality has so constituted the human body, that the parts that may seem to us to be the most deficient or inadequate, we actually give the greatest worth.

25 This is so there is no division in the body, but rather so the parts have equal care for each other.

26 If one part mourns or suffers, all the parts suffer together with it, in compassion and sympathy. If one part is honored, all the parts rejoice together with it, in congratulation and sharing in that joy.

27 You are all the Holy, Perfect & Pure body of the Infinite and each one of you is a reflection of this Oneness.

27 You are all together the Body of the Anointed One, its Incarnation or physical Manifestation, and each one of you is a part of that One Body.

28 Nature has so constituted the parts of the One’s Body to gather in these various capacities: first, messengers sent out by the One (apostles); second, those who speak or interpret the will of the One (prophets); thirdly, teachers who instruct and become experts in different fields of knowledge; then, those who have power to do and create great works; then, those who have been given the grace of healing and medicine; also, helpers to those in need; and leaders who can guide and direct; and linguists who speak and interpret languages.

29 Is every part a messenger? Is every part a speaker? Is every part a teacher? Does every part do great works?

30 Does everyone have the grace to heal or practice medicine? Do all have the ability to speak in other languages? Can each person interpret or translate these languages? No.

31 But we should strive towards the greater graces, and I will show you the best way to do that.

Chapter 13

1 I could speak many mighty and wonderful words, in all human languages and even in heavenly verse, but if I don’t have Love, I am merely making noises and producing meaningless clatter.

2 I could be a great prophet, and understand the depths of all Divine Mysteries and even have the direct knowledge of God, with the confidence and willpower to move entire mountains, but if I don’t have Love, I am nothing and no one, a nobody.

3 I could donate or give all that I have, every penny and possession, to feed the hungry and care for those in poverty, and even give over my own body as an offering, but if I don’t have Love, it does no good.

4 Love endures hardships with patience and equanimity, and through it all remains benevolent and kind. Love is not envious or jealous, pursuing others’ accomplishments or possessions. Love does not talk in self-congratulatory ways of its own accomplishments or possessions either, and so is not haughty or arrogant.

5 Love is not indecent, obscene, or vulgar. It does not seek things for itself, or to have its own egoic way. It doesn’t get angry easily. It doesn’t think about destructive, depraved, or injurious things.

6 Love is not pleased with injustices, but rather it finds joy in truth and right for all.

7 Love suffers all, trusts all, waits for all, and bears all things bravely and calmly.

8 Love never falls away or is lost. Even though there are wonderful spiritual prophecies, they are all ultimately fallible and so they will fail. Although there are many great words and eloquent rhetoric, it will all eventually be silenced. And although there is great human knowledge and science in the world, it will all eventually be superseded and replaced.

9 Because right now we only have a partial and incomplete relative knowledge, like shadows on the cave wall, and we only prophecy in imperfect and symbolic metaphors.

10 But when the Absolute is revealed, then that which is only relative and symbolic comes to an end. It is all done and fulfilled.

11 When I was young and immature, I spoke as one that was young, I thought like one that was immature, and I reasoned like one who was unskilled and inexperienced. But when I grew up and matured, I had to let go of those immature ways.

12 The way we see things now is like looking in a foggy mirror, which obscures our vision. But eventually we’ll see with pure clarity in that mirror, face to face. Right now we only know and perceive things in imperfect, relative, and symbolic ways. But one day we will experientially know and recognize the complete Truth just as perfectly we know our Self.

13 There are only three things that will remain: trusting, waiting patiently, and loving. And the most important of all of these is Love.

Chapter 15

1 And now, my dear family, I want to repeat the “good news” that I taught to you before, that you heard and received, and in which you have established yourselves.

2 It is through this that you are saved, liberated, and are whole, but only if you are always mindful and remember what I taught to you. Unless you’ve been persuaded for the wrong egoic reasons.

3 The very first and most important thing I gave to you was what was given to me: that in Christ consciousness the ego dies for its sins of separation, as it is written,

4 that you pass through a dark night of nothingness, and that you are raised up again or awakened to the eternal Present day in God, as it is written.

5 And this Christ was seen in Peter, and then in the twelve apostles.

6 Then Christ was seen in over five hundred of our family on one occasion, most of whom are still with us, but a few have passed on.

7 Then Christ was seen in James, and in the rest of the apostles.

8 And very last, Christ appeared within me too, because I was reborn quite late.

9 For I am hardly an apostle or good messenger, and I’m not even worthy to be called such, because I criticized and harassed those who were gathering in God.

10 But by God’s gift of Grace—I am what I am. And God’s Grace in me has not been worthless, rather, I have worked far more effectively than all of them. But it wasn’t this ego-self “I,” but the Grace of God’s Self that was in me.

11 So, whether it was from them or me, we taught you this, and you put your trust and commitment in it.

12 And now that we have taught you that Christ consciousness is raised up again from the death of separate ego selves, why do some of you say that there is no such resurrection from death?

13 If there is no resurrection from a dead state, then Jesus was not “raised up” either.

14 And if Jesus was not “raised up,” then our teaching is futile, and your trust and confidence is futile and empty too.

15 And even more, we would be nothing more than lying about what we’ve experienced in God, because we have attested that God raised up Christ consciousness in us. And God did not raise up Christ in us if it was not from that which is dead.

16 If there is no resurrection from that which is dead, then Christ is not raised up either in us.

17 And if Christ does not rise up again, then your convictions are useless, and you are all still in your sins of separateness.

18 And those who have died into Christ are all simply destroyed.

19 If it is only for this particular instance of life that we have hope and trust in Christ, then we are of all humanity most lost.

20 But Jesus did, in fact, rise from a dead ego state, and became one of the first of those consecrated to God among those who are still spiritually dead to God.

21 Because it is by egoic human consciousness that mortality is recognized, so it is by egoless human consciousness that we transcend mortality.

22 As in Adam we all “surely die,” so it is in Christ consciousness we all realize we are Life.

23 But everything happens in its natural order: Jesus was one of the first so consecrated, and then all those in whom Christ consciousness comes and is present.

24 Then when the end of life comes, those in Christ consciousness give up the Kingdom within them to God their Source, after having rendered ineffective and impotent every single rule, and all the authorities on Earth, and every power known to humanity.

25 Truly, it is necessary that Christ consciousness reigns supreme, even until all enemies, hostilities, oppositions, hatreds, and enmities have come to an end.

26 And the very last “enemy” that becomes impotent is mortality itself.

27 As it is written (Ps. 8:6), “God puts all things under this Christ consciousness.” Now when it says “all things” are under this, it should be clear that this does not include God, who puts all things under this.

28 And when all things are put under this Christ consciousness, then will Christ also be put under God who put all things under Christ, so that God remains everything in everything, everywhere, the Supreme, the One.

29 If there is absolutely no resurrection into Christ consciousness, then why are they baptized for the death in their egos? If the spiritually dead are not raised up to Life, then why are they baptized for the cleansing of this death?

30 And why would we put ourselves in danger all day long?

31 For I swear, my dear family, that I (ego) die every single day, but am raised up again in my exhilaration of you which I have in Christ consciousness, as exemplified in Jesus, our true Self.

32 What would I have gained if I, as a mere human ego, fought with the wild beasts in Ephesus, if the dead are not raised up to Life? As it says in Isaiah 22:13, “Let’s just party tonight, because tomorrow we will die anyways!”

33 Don’t be fooled by all of these people, for as the Greek poet Menander said, “Bad companionship can defile good morals.”

34 Wake up to the just and the right, and do not separate yourselves in sin. For some among you do not have the direct knowledge of God. I say this to call out your confusion and errors.

35 Some of you may ask, “But in what way are the dead raised up again to Life? And with what kind of human body do they come again?”

36 This is egotistical, caring only about your human self. That which is planted does not come alive unless it is has died first to its ego-self.

37 When you plant a seed, you don’t plant the form of the living body that it will be, but rather the bare naked seed, maybe of wheat or some other grain.

38 And it is God alone that gives it the body or form as God or Nature wills it, and each and every seed is raised to Life with its own particular body or unique form.

39 All flesh is not the very same human flesh! One kind of flesh is of humanity. Another kind of flesh is the animals. And another is the fishes, and yet another is the birds.

40 And there are also bodies in the heavens above, like the planets and stars, and bodies on the Earth here below. And the majesty and beauty of the heavenly forms is of one quality, and that of the Earthly forms is another quality.

41 There is a particular glory in the sun we see in the sky, and there is a different grandeur we see in the moon at night, and yet another magnificence in the stars, and even the stars differ from one another in beauty and glory.

42 This is how it is when the dead are raised up to Life again. The body, or ego, that is put into the ground of that dark night dies, is destroyed, and it decays, and from that rises up that which is pure, innocent, genuine, and undefiled.

43 It is “planted” in the ground in infamy, being heavy with sin, shame, errors, and delusions, but from that rises up again in spectacular wonder and radiance. It is “planted” in that dark night in its weaknesses, diseases, deformities, and imperfections, yet from that rises up again that which is powerful and excellence unimaginable.

44 It is put into the “ground” as a natural human body or human ego, but from that is raised up a Spiritual body full of the Spirit of God. There are two sides to all forms—there is a natural outward material egoic mortal body and there is a Spiritual inner immaterial egoless immortal “body.”

45 That is why it is written in Genesis 2:7, “Humanity as Adam first emerges as a living breathing being or person;” but this last “Adam” in Christ is a life-endowing Spiritual consciousness.

46 Now, you’ll notice that the first thing that came was not this Spiritual consciousness, but rather the natural and material air-breathing body, and then later was realized the Spiritual “body” or consciousness which lives and “breathes” Spirit.

47 Humanity is at first made up of the ground of the Earth (“Adam”), carnal, material, sensual, concerned with outward physical forms; the One that comes second (“Christ”) is the true Self from heaven, from the Cosmos, at-one in our deeper Source in God or the totality of ultimate Reality.

48 Those who are materialistic are like that human made up of the soil of the Earth; and those who are of the Cosmos, or Spiritual nondual consciousness, are of that transhuman Spirit, even Christ.

49 And in the same way we have appeared like mere humans made of the Earth and flesh, so too in that realization will we appear like the Cosmos itself, the fullness of all Creation, even the Christ.

50 Here is what I’m saying, my dear family, that the flesh and blood physical bodies of humans cannot receive that Kingdom of God consciousness, just as that which decays in the Earth does not again receive the very same Life.

51 But look and listen carefully, and contemplate! I will point to a deep and hidden mystical Mystery, which is this—we (the true Self) does not actually die, but rather our minds will all be transformed or transfigured!

52 It will hit you suddenly, like the blink of an eye, at the very end of the ego-self, like the final note trumpeted in a symphony. And that last trumpet of the ego will come to a perfect silence, and that’s when the dead are raised up to that consciousness which is pure, innocent, genuine, undefiled, and immortal—our minds are transfigured, and the whole Cosmos becomes transfigured along with it!

53 Our perception of these physical and individual bodies that decay and die is transfigured such that they are endowed or clothed with all purity, beauty, goodness, and innocence. And our perception of this mortal flesh and individual self is arrayed in everlasting, eternal, or atemporal Presence of Life itself.

54 At that point, when that which decays and destroyed is endowed in consciousness with that which is perfectly innocent and pure, and this mortality is endowed with the consciousness of Life itself, that is the moment when the saying as is written in Isaiah 25:8 will happen to you, “Death itself is destroyed in a total blowout!

55 Then we’ll say in ourselves as the prophet Hosea wrote, “Oh Death: where did all your worries, your anxieties, your torment, your distress all go? Oh Grave and Hell itself: where in the hell is your win?

56 The pains and suffering that we associate with death and hell come from the “sin” of separateness, from our separate ego-self; and external outward laws of performance give the egoic self its power and strength.

57 But through the Grace of God/Reality, we are given the blowout victory by consciously waking up to our true Self, just as Jesus did, which is the “Christ.”

58 For that reason then, my dear dear family, be like a solid Mountain, firm and established, which is utterly immovable unless you choose to move it, at all times and in every Present moment of the now, the today of Life, be overflowing with an abundance of doing the compassionate work and good deeds of the true Self, because you know deep in your heart that all your intense and tiresome work and hard labor, all your blood, sweat, and tears that are shed, none of this is worthless, futile, or without fruit—in Christ!!

Chapter 16

22 Those who do not Love and embrace as One their own Lord and Master, the I AM within that saves them and liberates them from their ego, even their most Holy and Pure Self, then they will remain bound by the ego, held captive by this son of perdition and destruction, and experience the deepest sadness, alienation, and suffering, even until death. For their Lord has come, and is right here, because it is the real YOU!

2 Corinthians

Chapter 3

18 When we all have the veil taken away from our faces, and from our minds and hearts, we behold God’s brilliant glory in ourself, and we are transfigured by God’s Spirit in us into Christ with forever increasing light and perfection.

Chapter 4

6 For God said, ‘The Light shines out of darkness,’ and has so made the light shine from our hearts, to enlighten us to the glory of God, just as the Christ shone from Jesus.

7 This precious Treasure is within these fragile clay pots we call mortal bodies, so that the superiority of the Divine may be realized as from God and not from us.

8 We are pressed hard in every way, and yet we are not crushed. We are often at a loss, and yet we are not utterly lost. We are hunted down, and yet never left behind.

9 We are knocked down, and yet we are not destroyed.

10 In our sufferings we always carry with us the death of Jesus, so that the Life of Christ may also be made manifest in our bodies.

11 For the living are always being delivered to death, like Jesus, so that the Life of Christ may be revealed in our mortal flesh.

12 So even while death is operating in us, so is eternal Life also energizing us.

Chapter 5

17 If anyone realizes they are in Christ, they are continually a new creation; the old things die, and the new is always being born.

Chapter 6

16 For WE are the Temple of the living God.


Chapter 1

15 God was well-pleased…

16 God unveiled its Son within me…

16 Ultimate Reality uncovered its manifestation in me, as me…

16 The Divine made plain the reality of its incarnation within my being…

16 The Absolute disclosed itself in its relative expression in my consciousness…

16 The Real made itself known, how it incarnates as me, in my knowing…

16 to unveil or reveal [apokalypsai] God’s Incarnation, the Christ, in me…

16 The Uni-verse disclosed its manifest embodied Self in me…

Chapter 2

20 My ego has been crucified as was Jesus’ ego, and this “I” no longer lives. But I still live, and it is the true I, even Christ, that lives in me. And I now live in this body with conviction as a Beloved Son of God, who gave its ego up for the true I.

20 My ego-self identity has been crucified as Jesus was, and so I, Paul, no longer live. But rather, it is Christ, the Anointed One, who is actually living in me. And the Life that is now in this body lives through trust in being the Incarnation of God, the One who Loves me so much by giving its Self to become me.

20 My ego self has been crucified with Jesus, and it no longer lives, but Christ lives in me. The Life now living in this body is living by realizing the Son of God is in it, for God so loved it he gave him Self in it.

20 I have been crucified in the Anointed One, and so I (egō) don’t live anymore, but rather it is the One that lives in me. That which now lives in the flesh of this body does so trusting that it is an Incarnation of God; the One Loved me by giving its Self to become me

Chapter 3

23 Before true Faith comes, we are held in custody by the law, guarded by it, but also imprisoned until that Faith is unveiled.

24 The law is like training wheels, a skillful means, of leading us to Christ, until we are made right in Faith itself.

25 And when that Faith comes, we no longer need the training wheels.

26 Indeed, you are all the Son of God through realizing the Anointed One.

27 All those who have been immersed in this Christ have taken upon themselves the name and identity of Christ.

Chapter 5

24 Those who are Christs have crucified their natural man and carnal mind with its aversions and cravings.


Chapter 1

1 This is “Paul,” a messenger of Christ, like Jesus, through God’s will, to all those who are whole/holy [in Ephesus] and who trust in Christ consciousness as exemplified in Jesus.

2 May you have Grace, Loving-kindness, Peace, and Rest in the Presence of our Father God and in Christ.

3 Blessed be God, the Source of Christ in us, who has blessed us in that heavenly consciousness with all spiritual blessings.

4 God has chosen all humanity, and all of life, to be in Christ from before the cosmos formed, that through Love we are all holy (whole) and blameless (perfect) in God’s Presence.

4 For God selected us all, has called and elected us all, to be in God from the very beginning of the cosmos, and through Love we can realize we are all whole/holy and perfectly innocent in God’s Presence.

5 That Divine Reality already determined from the start that we would all be of the family of God through our Christ nature, which was God’s will.

6 And so we give praise and gratitude for God’s amazing Grace, which God has given to us for free who realize we are living in the Beloved One.

7 It is conscious awareness in this One that we find redemption, deliverance, and liberation, through the sacrifice of ego-self, being delivered from the bondage of egoic separateness, and in the fullness of God’s Grace and Loving-kindness.

8 God has poured this out upon us to overflowing, together with all of God’s Wisdom and deep Insight.

9 For God made “known” in us the hidden Mystery of God’s will, purpose, and cosmic direction, which is all Good, and which is found and only known within God’s Self.

10 And it is essentially this: God ministers, and times reach their fullest and most abundant expression when everyone and everything is gathered together into the recognition of this One, into this unitive at-one Christ consciousness, everything both in the cosmos above and on the Earth beneath, the All is within this One.

11 It is here, within this One consciousness, where we find that we’ve received and possess all things, as was determined from the beginning, according to the cosmic direction of things, which works everything out from within.

12 This is so that we could be here now, who first found hope in Christ consciousness, to the praise and glory of God.

13 And you too also found hope in this Christic state of being and consciousness, when you first heard about the Truth that could be found through this wonderful message, and your very salvation and liberation in It. When you trusted in It and committed yourself to It, you found yourselves identified with God, in God, even within that Holistic Spirit that was promised to you long ago!

14 And this Spirit witness is like the earnest money guarantee of our possession of all things, until we are fully redeemed as God’s possession when our ego fully dies, to the praise and glory of God.

15 It’s for this reason that ever since I heard of your faithfulness to the inner Master of Christ, as exemplified by Jesus, and your subsequent Love for God’s holy people in everyone everywhere,

16 I can’t stop being so deeply grateful for all of you, and I am always mindful of you in my prayers and meditations.

17 And I pray that the glorious Father God of our Master Christ within, will continue to give you the Spirit of Wisdom and Insight revelations, even to a fuller intimate “knowledge” (gnosis) of God.

18 And I pray that the mind’s eye deep in your hearts will be enlightened to that bright Light, so that you may know the great hope in which you’ve been called to live, and the rich abundance and glory of being holy (wholly) in God’s possession of all things.

19 And I pray that you may know of the transcendent greatness of God’s power in us who are committed to It. This energy is the same immense power

20 that God works in Christ consciousness, when God raises you up or resurrects you from ego death, and you are made perfectly right with God in heavenly awareness.

21 This transcends all rulers, authorities, Earthly powers, and governors, and every other name that can be named in this world or in that one.

22 God has put all these things in subordination under It, and has made It to be the Head, the Master, the Chief One, over all things in our gathering together.

23 And these gatherings into One are Christ’s Body, since the fullness of Christ is in all beings and in all things everywhere.

Chapter 4

21 If you have truly heard and understood Christ, and have been taught by Christ, then this is the truth that is in Christ:

22 You must put off the “natural man” ego-self, that familiar old creature within you, which defiles and destroys you because of its false desires and illusory cravings and attachments that engulf your mind,

23 And be re-established in the Life and Breath and Spirit of your Pure mind,

24 And you’ll be endowed with new clothing, putting on a new Man in yourself, even a new creature in Christ, created in the very likeness of God’s image, even in Godliness and true Holiness.

(Compare Mosiah 3:19, 27:25-26, 2 Cor. 5:17)


Chapter 2

5 Each of YOU should have the same kind of mind and consciousness that Jesus had:

5 Let your consciousness be One, Christ, as it was in Jesus.

6 Although he had God’s form, he didn’t selfishly cling to his divine nature and equality with God as some kind of great prize he’d won.

7 Instead, he emptied his mind entirely of all such thoughts and took on the nature of a selfless servant, being just like other men.

8 And as a man, he humbled his egoic self and was submissive and yielding to the point of death, even surrendering his will to death on a cross.

9 And because of this, God exalted him to the highest heaven, and gave him a new Name, which is greater than any other name,

10 Even the name of Christ, for which every knee will bow, even all things in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth,

11 And every tongue confess that Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Allah, Messiah is the LORD, Yahweh, the Great ‘I AM,’ the True Self of all, even the very glory of God the Source, the One.

Chapter 3

7 Whatever things I gained in the world, any advantages and wealth, all of that I now realize is utterly worthless since I gained Christ.

8 Yes, indeed! All of it! And everything else, I now realize is wholly and entirely empty in comparison to the absolute awesomeness of the direct experiential knowing of Christ, my True Self. For this I have suffered the loss of all things, everything, and I consider it all as nothingness, now that I’ve gained Christ,

9 finding my Self in Christ, and being One. I’m no longer self-righteous in the law, trying to be perfectly virtuous in obedience to rules and regulations, but rather through this direct assurance and certainty of Christ in Me I have found my Self wholly right and accepted in God, through this direct awareness.

10 It is through my knowing Christ, directly through experience, for my Self, that I may know in my Self the ultimate power of this resurrection—which is to commune together in those same sufferings, that same loss of all things, and so be formed to Christ through that same ego death,

11 so that I may attain that same resurrection, a rising again after dying within.

Chapter 4

7 The peace and rest of God transcends each and every thought of the mind, and it will keep your hearts and minds in Oneness with the Anointed.

13 I have power to do all things only in the One who gives me power.

13 I have the strength to do anything that I do only in and through the One that gives me that strength.


Chapter 1

15 The ‘Son’ is the visible incarnated image of the unseen invisible ‘Father’ God, the first emanation of consciousness within all creatures.

25 For which I have been made a servant, feeling compelled by God to be so, to give to you the fullness of God’s Word:

26 The Mystery, the great Secret, that has been kept hidden from the egoic minds of humanity since the beginning, is now realized fully only by God’s Saints, the Holy Ones.

26 The great Mystery is hidden in all ages and generations of time, but it is unveiled in those who realize wholeness.

27 Because God gives them direct understanding, from among all the people of the Earth, the abundant glories of this one Mystery, which is this———Christ is in You———this is our glorious faith.

27 This is the mystical secret—Christ is hidden in YOU—this is the glory we can hope to fully realize.

27 In them, God has designed to reveal the fullness and brightness of this Mystery to all people, which is this—CHRIST IS IN YOU—in this we trust and praise.

28 This is who we’re talking about, encouraging every person, and explaining to every person, how to attain this transcendent experiential knowledge, so that we may stand with one and all having each realized their complete perfection in Christ.

Chapter 2

1 I want you to know just how much I have struggled for you, and for those in Laodicea, and for all those who have not met me in person.

2 My purpose is that your hearts may be Comforted by being united as One in Love, and that you may have the richness that comes from a full understanding and experiential knowledge of the mystery of God, which is in Christ.

3 Because it is within Christ consciousness where all the hidden treasures of divine wisdom and knowledge are found.

4 I tell this to you so that no one may deceive you with persuasive and seductive words.

5 Although I’m not there with you in person, I am with you in the Spirit, and I rejoice in seeing your great condition and loyalty to faith in Christ.

6 Since you have realized in yourselves Christ the Lord, continue to live and walk in Christ,

7 being wholly grounded in your Christ nature, building your lives up from that ground of Christ. Then you’ll be made firm and sure in your faith, as you’ve been taught, and you’ll be filled to overflowing with gratitude.

8 Be mindfully aware and observant that no one leads you away from this truth with fallacious and deceitful philosophy, which is according to human traditions and the principles of the world, and are not in harmony with Christ.

9 Because in Christ consciousness the complete fullness of Deity is found living in the human body,

10 and you are completely full and perfect as One in Christ, and this is supreme over all rulers and authorities.

11 In Christ you are “circumcised,” but this is not done physically with hands. Rather, you put off the “natural man” and errors of the separate ego “self,” which is spiritually “cut away” from you by Christ consciousness.

12 Your ego “dies” and you are buried with Christ as you are immersed in this consciousness, and you are also resurrected with Christ through the energies of God which awakens Christ from this death.

13 You are spiritually dead in your errors because the ego “self” has not yet been “cut away” from consciousness, but God brings you back to Life in Christ, and you realize you are forgiven of all your errors.

14 These errors are completely wiped away. All that guilt we felt in breaking the law, which condemns our minds, is taken completely away and is nailed to the cross.

15 Christ consciousness divests yourself fully from rulers and authorities, showing them openly for what they are, giving you victory over them.

16 For that reason, don’t let others judge you in what you eat, or in what you drink, or what religious festivals you attend, or what rituals you observe, or what you do on the Sabbath day.

17 These were all merely shadows, metaphors, symbols of things to come; but the reality that casts those shadows, the actuality that those symbols point towards, is realized in Christ consciousness.

18 Don’t let anyone cheat you of the victory, through making a show of false humility and worshipping angels or other messengers. They often go into exquisite details, telling about all that they’ve claimed to see in vision, but these things are all embellished by the egoic mind.

19 They are not holding tightly to the supreme Head, Christ consciousness, from which the whole Body, with its joints and ligaments, are nourished and held together as One, and it grows as God grows.

20 Consequently, if you “die” with Christ, and are thus freed from the principles of the world, why would you, as if you were still living in that world, submit yourself to those rules and regulations

21 which say “Don’t touch this!” “Don’t taste that!” “Don’t handle this other thing!”?

22 All these rules will ultimately fail. They are based on the precepts and learning of humanity.

23 Indeed, they may have a resemblance to real wisdom, in man-made religious worship, false humility, and being harsh towards the body, but they do not help in putting off the egoic mind.

Chapter 3

1 If you have been resurrected in Christ, then you look for greater things, where Christ consciousness is right with God, at-one in God.

1 Since, then, YOU have been resurrected with Christ, seek the higher things of Christ, living right with God…

2 Your thoughts are now on those higher things, not on worldly desires.

3 Because your ego has died, and your Life is now mystically at-one with Christ in God.

3 For your egoic constructed self is dead, and your true life is even now secretly in oneness with Christ in God.

3 Your ego-self has died, and your Life is now hidden with Christ in God.

3 For your ego died, and your true Life has now been hidden up with Christ in God.

4 Whenever Christ, who is our very Life, is manifested, then it is our Self who is manifested as him in that grace and majesty.

4 When Christ, who is our true life, is revealed, realized and made known, then you will also simultaneously be revealed in oneness with him in profound beauty.

4 When Christ is unveiled, which is your Life, then even you will be unveiled in Divine glory.

4 When Christ, who is our Life, is revealed to us, then we are also revealed in glory.

11 In the true Self, there is no non-member or member, no clean or unclean, no “other,” no out-group, no us versus “them,” no sealed or not sealed, no covenant maker or non-covenant maker, no perfect or sinful, but rather Christ is realized as All, and as present in All beings, without exception.

1 Thessalonians

Chapter 1

1 This is Paul, Silas (perhaps Saul, my alter ego?), and Timothy, writing to those gathered together in the Father God and the Master Christ (as known in Jesus), in Thessaloniki. May you all have Grace, Loving-Kindness, Peace, and Rest.

2 We are so grateful to God for each one of you, and we remember you in our daily prayers and meditation.

3 We are always mindful in the Presence of our Father God of your faith-filled work, your toil for Love, and your patient hope for our Master Christ (as known in Jesus).

4 We know, dear Beloved family of God, that you are ALL chosen, called and elected, each and every one.

5 Because our wonderful message came to you not merely in words alone, but also in actual Power, and through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in you, so you gained tremendous confidence in it. For you knew what kind of people we became among you, for you.

6 And so you imitated us, as we imitated Jesus, receiving the true Word through great suffering of ego, but thereafter discovering the joy and happiness of the Holy Spirit within.

7 So then you became examples to all people that were committed and trusted in this spirituality, throughout Macedonia and Achaia.

8 And now, the Word of Christ, our inner Master, is echoing aloud from you not only in Macedonia and Achaia, but everywhere! Your deep trust in God is evident and spreading like crazy, so we don’t even have to say anything about it.

9 For they tell us all about the warm welcome you gave us, and how you changed your minds from mere idol worship, from worshiping all kinds of images and theologies and doctrines and ideas about God, to being at-one in the service of the living and the very real God within.

10 And they also talk about how you patiently wait and watch, contemplating the Presence of the Son revealed in heavenly consciousness, which God raises up or resurrects from ego death, even as God did in Jesus, which is what delivers, saves, or liberates you from the coming horrors of life.

2 Thessalonians

Chapter 2

3 Don’t let anyone fool you in any way, for the Anointed Presence will not come to us unless a complete dissociation comes first, and our own egoic carnal “natural man” self is made known, the kin of death and destruction;

3 Don’t let anyone deceive you otherwise, for the dawning of the Anointed One in your consciousness will not come unless there is a falling away first, and the egoic one of sin is known, the false self that dies.

4 Which is the adversary and it thinks it’s greater than anything that is considered Sacred, or that is revered; such that we think it is who we really are, our true Self, sitting in the Holy of Holies of our mind, making us believe that it is our true God.

1 Timothy

Chapter 1

1 This is a letter from Paul, a messenger sent by Jesus Christ, feeling commissioned and directed by God, even by our Savior in Christ consciousness, which gives us confidence and joy,

2 I’m writing to Timothy, my sincere son in this faith—may you have loving-kindness, may you have compassion, may you have peace—from God our Source, and Christ our true Being.

3 When I left to go to Macedonia, I encouraged you to stay in Ephesus so that you could tell the people there that they should stop teaching old understandings and false ideologies anymore, things that we now know are not true,

4 or spending so much time idolizing as literal truth old mythologies and doing neverending family histories and genealogies, which can just bring up contentious speculations and debates. These things don’t edify people or help them come to know God and do God’s will.

5 Rather, the whole goal and purpose of our teaching is to be filled with Love, and share that Love, even the Love that flows naturally from out of a pure and clear heart, mind, and consciousness, and a genuine sincere desire to commune with God.

6 Some people have completely missed this central purpose of the Gospel, turning instead to meaningless analyses, technical ramblings, and useless discussions.

7 They want to be great scholars and professors of the law of God, but they have little personal perception or firsthand experiential understanding of the divine realities of which they speak, yet they speak so confidently.

Chapter 2

5 There is only One God, and only One reconciler between humanity and God—the Anointed Human.

2 Timothy

Chapter 3

7 They are always increasing in knowledge but never able to come to know God.

7 always learning more intellectual knowledge, but never able to come upon gnosis, or direct experiential perception of Truth.


Chapter 1

3 The ‘Son’ is the emanation of the ‘Father’s essence, and as such is an exact representation or expression of God in substantial reality, bearing everything in the universe as an expression of God’s energy. When consciousness is cleansed of all this dualistic phenomena, it is found honorably resting in the highest Divinity.

Chapter 10

1 The law of outward rules and regulations is only a symbol of Joyful things ahead, a foreshadowing or indication of future Realities; it is not the Truth of Reality in itself. Because of this, following these laws will never, ever, ever, obeyed for all eternity, bring worshipers to realize their Perfection.

Chapter 11

1 Faith is a trust in realities which we cannot know with our intellectual rational minds, which can become a realization of realities that we cannot perceive with our natural eyes.

2 This is what many ancient people experienced and of which they testified.

39 All of these ancient people testified of the power of faith, and they’ve been honored because of it, but some of them did not come to consciously realize a fullness of that promised perfected state of oneness that faith can lead to.

40 But today our Source has taught us something better through Jesus, a more efficient and productive way, so that we can consciously realize our complete perfection and full awareness of our oneness together with all beings.


Chapter 5

1 Listen up, rich people! You are going to sob and scream over the miseries that are coming your way.

2 Your riches are a filthy corruption, and all your fancy clothes are a complete waste.

3 Your gold and silver are rust, and it will rust yourself, devouring your flesh like fire! 🔥 You have hoarded wealth in the latter-days!

4 Just look! You have utterly failed to pay your workers a decent living wage. Can you hear their weeping and suffering? I’ll tell you this—their cries can be clearly heard by the One of All.

5 You have spent your life indulging in all kinds of fine luxury and extravagant selfishness. You have stuffed your overfed mouth until you gag with superfluity, while many others are making sacrifices just to eat a crumb.

6 So you have directly condemned and committed genocide on many innocent people. Yes, you did that, and they did not even lift a finger against you.

1 Peter

Chapter 1

17 If the One you worship as ‘Father’ is fair and just in its karma with each being, according to each person’s deeds, then you should remember to live with a sense of reverence and respect during your short time on this planet.

18 You understand that it was not with worthless things like money that you were liberated from the vain egoic life that you inherited from your parents and environment,

19 but rather it was through priceless pure consciousness, like the pure blood of a sacrificial lamb—flawless, clear, undiluted, uncontaminated, unmixed, unalloyed, sterling, untainted—that is, of Christ Consciousness.

20 It has existed since before spacetime itself, but for you it has just become manifest recently when your egos died from your minds.

21 Through Christ Consciousness, you have realized God, sure and true, the One who resurrects us from that death and gives our new Identity profound glory. For that reason, your trust and joyful confidence rest in God.

2 Peter

Chapter 1

3 By the power and virtue of the Divine Godhead we’ve been given a fullness of everything having to do with His Life and Godliness, through the direct experiential knowledge of Him who has called us by the name of His own Glory, Goodness, and Purity.

3 Even so, God has powerfully given us all things relating to Life, Godliness, and Holiness, through the direct experiential knowledge (gnosis) of the One in which we were named glorious, honorable, praiseworthy, and pure.

4 Through Him we have been given an Endowment of the greatest and most precious Holy Spirit of Promise, which is to become One with the Godhead, having completely escaped the corruption and defilement that is in the world because of the thoughts and desires of the “natural man” self within us.

4 Through this experience we are endowed with the greatest and most invaluable Promise, in which we are made direct participants in the Divine Nature itself, having escaped and transcended the corruption, mortality, and impermanence in the world caused by egoic desires, craving, and attachment.

(Compare Alma 5:37–42, 55–60)

19 And because of this experience we are sure in knowing the thoughts of God, through prophecy, which is our coming into the consciousness of God, and it would be beautiful if you brought your own mind into that same consciousness. This consciousness is like a light that shines in the dark night of the soul, and continues shining until the morning breaks and the Bright Sunlight of Christ Consciousness arises in your heart, mind, and soul.

20 Here is the main point that you should know: no true prophecy of the Holy Word comes from one’s own egoic intellectual interpretation in the human mind, from the “natural man’s” rational translation and logical explanation.

21 No true prophecy has ever come to a human through their own egoic will, through their typical mental faculties and drives. But rather Holy people spoke in God’s voice only as they were brought into oneness with God’s consciousness, even as they were carried into it and inspired by the Spirit of God’s Being deep within themselves.

1 John

Chapter 2

26 I am writing all this to you because there are many who may try to mislead you.

27 But you have been graced with an Anointing of the One that lives in you, and you don’t need anyone else to teach you about these things. Yes, since that Anointing teaches you all things—even the Truth and cannot lie—do as you are taught as you live in the One.

Chapter 3

1 Look how great the Love is that the Source has for us that we should be given a new name: Son or Daughter of God. Accordingly, everyone else doesn’t know who we are, because they don’t know Him.

2 Beloved of the One, we are right now Sons and Daughters of God, but we don’t yet see or know what we will be in the future. What we know is that when He shows Himself and is made known, we will be the same as Him, because we will see the same as He does.

2 Beloved friends, we are even now already Sons and Daughters of God, and it cannot be known what we will be when Christ appears. But we do know that when Christ is revealed, we will be the same as Christ, because we will become aware of and experience the Anointed One as I AM.

3 And every person that has this hope and expectation in Him will purify themselves, the same as He is pure.

Chapter 4

7 Beloved Family: may all beings Love each other, because Love comes from God. Accordingly, all Beloved being and creation is born from God, and that being who Loves may know and perceive God in themselves, and is reborn in God as God.

8 Those who do not Love cannot know and perceive God in themselves, because God is this Pure Love.

12 No human ego has ever seen God; but if we love others, then God is present within us, and that Love is our final perfection.

16 We have come to know and perceive the Love that God has in us, and to trust and have full confidence in this, to believe in this, because God is Pure Love. Those who are Present in Love, and continue in that Presence, are in God, and God is in them. They are One.


Chapter 3

20 Look here and see for yourself! I AM right here at your own door knocking; if anyone can hear my own voice and will open their door, I will come into them, and we will share in the most intimate and greatest feast together as One Being.

21 To each and every one that so conquers and overcomes their self I will give to sit down together with Me on My throne, even as I also conquered and overcame my self and am right now sitting down together with the One on this One throne.

22 Those who have ears to hear, let them hear and understand what the Spirit, the Breath of Life and Truth, is saying to those who have gathered.”

Chapter 19

10 Then I fell down in front of His feet to kiss and worship Him, but He said this to me: “Please pay attention! Do NOT do this! I worship and serve the same Master as you do, and all your fellow humans, who hold to the same witness as Jesus had. Let’s worship God! Because the Living Breath-Spirit of the Divine Mind and Consciousness is what also bore witness of God to Jesus.”

Chapter 21

8 But those who are fear-driven and faithless, disgusting, killers, sexually promiscuous, the drug lords, the idol worshippers and all deceivers who hate truth—they will remain immersed in consuming fire and putrid smoke that is the disease of the ego

Chapter 22

4 And they will see the image of His countenance, even His Name engraved upon themselves.

Confessions (St. Augustine)

It took me so long to love you—my God!—
your Beauty, so old and so new!
So so long!
Just look at it!
You were within me the whole time, but I was outside myself,
and I was looking for you all over out there in the world.

In my loveless state, I rushed around foolishly searching
in all the fine things that you made.
Meanwhile, you were right here in me,
but I wasn’t aware of you!
By digging into all these external things
I was surely kept far from you,
even though if these things were not in you
they could not be at all.

And yet, you beckoned to me, crying out to me,
blowing open my deaf ears.
Your lightning flashed on me
the brilliance of the sun,
obliterating my blind eyes.
You exhaled your sweet fragrance,
and I breathed it in, deeply.
Now I pant after you.
I tasted you, and now I hunger and thirst for you.
You caressed me softly,
and now I’m on fire for your Peace. 🔥

The Gospel of Thomas

3 Jesus said, “If your leaders tell you, ‘Look! The Kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds are there before you are. If they tell you, ‘Look! The Kingdom is in the sea,’ then the fish are there before you are. Anywhere they tell you it is located in spacetime, something will supersede you there. But in reality, the Kingdom of God, this nondual unitive consciousness, Life, and Being, is within you and also all around you.

“When you come to re-cognize your Self, then your Sovereignty will also be re-cognized, and you will real-eyes that it is you who are the Son of the living Father, a Manifestation of the One, an Incarnation of the Cosmos. But if you do not re-cognize your Self, then you live in poverty and you are that poverty, the poverty of the mortal finite ego.”

3 “…the Kingdom of God is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know your Self, then you will be known, and you will know that it is YOU who are the Son of the living Father. But if you do not know your Self, then you are in a state of poverty, and you are that poor one.”

Tao Te Ching

Chapter 1

The “Word” that can be spoken
is not the absolute Word.
Just like a name for a thing
is not the thing-in-itself.

As nameless, it is the
source of the Kosmos.
When named, it gives birth to
all things that are.

Free of sense perceptions
we realize these spiritual depths.
Trapped in the senses
we only see the surface forms.

These dualities are ultimately One
but manifest as different names.
As One we say they are a mystery
the Mystery of mysteries.

It is the door to all depths.

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