Face-to-Face Conversation with a Spiritual Friend

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There are many people today who are walking through dark nights, who are struggling, and they often have no one to walk with them, particularly in the deeper questions about God, spirituality, mysticism, religion, the nature of reality, and life in general. Religion, ironically, can sometimes create much trouble for people, as it has for me in the past, and people may want a listening ear of one who has been on the road they are traveling, and who can walk together with them.

Sometimes you may want someone to talk with about your spiritual life, to ask questions, to share your journey, to get advice, to communicate your struggles, heartaches, concerns, to explore religious ideas and philosophies, to try to understand things better and make more sense of life, or to try to improve your contemplative practice. I have talked with people about these things, and they have said the conversation has been helpful to them.

For these reasons, I offer spiritual friendship conversations with anyone who would like to talk. Sometimes this is called a “spiritual director,” or “spiritual companion” or even “life coach.” But these have a hierarchical or domineering sound to them, or sound more intimate than I think is appropriate. I prefer calling it simply being your spiritual friend, someone who you can simply talk with about your spiritual life, which is really just your life. I’m not going to “direct” you, or “coach” you on how to live. I am your equal, and I will talk with you as an equal, as a friend.

It’s not counseling or therapy. It’s simply an opportunity to talk with another person about your life, about religion, about coming to know God or the Divine or Reality, and I can ask questions and share ideas with you that may help along the way. Ultimately, the purpose is to help us both look more deeply in ourselves and connect with our true Self, to know ourselves and reality better, and to grow in consciousness.

How much does it cost?


I offer all my time and support as a free gift to you as part of a gift economy. I won’t charge anything to talk with you. I don’t want money be a barrier to get to know you better, to discuss any struggles that you may be experiencing in your life, to share ideas with each other about spirituality and religion, or to even talk about the weather. I want to be here for you, and be your friend.

If after we meet you desire to give a gift to me, that is entirely up to you, and it is always what you choose to give. If you don’t feel like giving, that is ok too. Gifts are always a free-will offering, which is what makes them truly a “gift.” See my long-form post about that here.

How does it work?

This Friendship Room works in a similar way as the Meditation Room. You simply visit this page and you enter into the videoconference automatically (the first time your browser will ask you to grant permission to access your camera/mic). Since most conversations will be private, I can password-protect the room once you have entered it, so that we can talk just one-to-one.

Open Room Hours

If you would like to simply stop by and chat, I will be here in the Friendship Room every weekday from 12-1pm ET / 9-10am PT (you can convert to your timezone here). Just drop in and say “hi.” If you see that the room is password-protected, it is probably because I am already talking with someone else, and you may want to come back later, or schedule a time to talk below.

Schedule a time to talk

If you would like to meet with me on a particular day and time, please use the scheduler below:

Talk another way

If you would prefer to not talk via video face-to-face, for whatever reason, that is okay too. We can chat via Facebook Messenger, SMS text messages, instant messages, Marco Polo, chat, email, or another way. Or if you live near me, we might be able to meet up in person in a coffee shop somewhere. I’m even willing to be your pen pal by “snail mail” postal mail, if you prefer that. Please contact me if you would like to talk in one of these other ways.

Group Discussions

We may also use this room for group discussions, if there are some who would like to get together online to talk about a particular topic. This makes it easy for us to meet up, and we can still password-protect the room if we choose, so only those who are invited may come in. Or we can leave the door open. Please reach out to me if there is a particular subject that you think would be an interesting group discussion, and we can see about scheduling a time to meet up.

Techy fine print

A few instructions: In this Friendship Room, you can toggle between tiled or filmstrip views of the participants in the room using the “Toggle Tile View” icon at the lower-right. You will also find the settings there if you click on the three dots, which will allow you to make adjustments to your devices, or toggle full-screen mode. To leave the room, simply close the page, click the red “hang up” button, or click to a different page on the website.

Mobile users: If you want to join the Friendship Room via a phone or tablet, it is probably best to use the mobile app, rather than the website. The site will notify you of this if you visit it. The free app is called Jitsi Meet, available on both iOS and Android. The room name is ThyMindOMan2.

If you have any technical trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll see if I can help sort it out.

I give you this as a free gift. I live in a gift economy, so I give all of my time and work freely to you. I depend on your good will and generosity so that I may live and continue to write and support people like you as we grow to greater consciousness. If you were inspired by this, if it sparked new insights or understanding in you, I invite you to also give, to participate in "the Gift". I accept gifts primarily in the form of credit/debit card donations. It takes only a few moments. I express my deepest gratitude to you for your gift!
You may also participate in this community and give in other ways: comment on posts, subscribe to email updates, like the Facebook page, follow my personal Facebook profile, ask to join the community's Facebook group, participate in morning group meditation, join me in a weekday conversation, schedule a time to talk with me for spiritual friend support, ask me a question, submit a scripture for me to translate, submit a "First Vision" experience, or contact me to talk about something else, or to offer your gifts in another way. I look forward to getting to know you!