I give all of my work to you for free.

All of it.

The writings, the translations, the poetry, the shares, the papers, the essays, the ideas, the reviews, the insights and reflections, the morning meditations and discussion, the answered questions, the spiritual friendship time, all my time and effort in it. Nothing is held back for a fee. It is given to you freely as a gift. As sages such as Jesus instructed their messengers, “Freely you have received; freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

You may have it all to do with it as you like. It is even licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 International License, which means you may use it however you’d like, if you give attribution, and any content built upon it has the same license.

I live what is called the gift economy, which means I share my thoughts and works and teachings and time freely with you, I give them to you freely, as I believe Jesus taught his disciples to do (Matthew 10:8). And I am dependent on the good will, love, support, and generosity of those who receive these gifts and who also choose to give, to enter into “the Gift.” Of course, you may also access and use all of the content here for free, without giving, if you choose, for whatever reason. I want you to have it, to use it, to learn from it, to grow to greater awareness and consciousness.

Here is a short video from TED-Ed explaining the nature of gift economies.

I explain much of the reasoning behind this gift economy and “living in the Gift,” in a more lengthy article, if you’d like to read that.

I invite you to give a gift

I invite you to participate in this gift economy. If the content and work on this website inspires you, if it means something to you, if it has changed your mind or your life, if you find it valuable, if you appreciate it, if you want to show your thanks to me, and support more of this community, then I invite you to give a gift, which you may do by entering an amount you’d like to give in the field below, and then clicking the blue button. The amount is entirely up to you and what you feel is appropriate, given your interest in this work, how much it means to you, and your financial situation. After clicking the button, a window will appear where you can enter your debit or credit card details. The whole process takes less than a minute, and you’ll never leave this page. Even a few dollars matters.

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I express my deepest gratitude to you for your participation in “the Gift,” for reading this writing and being a part of this work, whether or not you choose to give me a gift. I wish you peace and every good.