Submit a Scripture for Translation

If you would like to submit a Judeo-Christian scripture to Bryce for re-translation in his style, according to his experience, for inclusion in the Bryce Haymond Translation (BHT), please fill out the form below.

I can’t promise I will translate every scripture submitted, but I will try as I am able, according to my experience and understanding, and as I am inspired. Your submission may remain anonymous if you wish (the name and email fields are optional, although if you don’t include your email I won’t be able to reply by private email if I need any additional information).

I have given you this content as a free gift. I invite you to also give, to participate in this gift economy, to support this work. You may do so by debit or credit card by entering an amount and clicking the blue button below.
For other ways of giving, please reach out to me. Many thanks for your kind generosity and the gift which makes this all possible! May you have peace and every good.