Submit a Scripture for Translation

If you would like to submit a Judeo-Christian scripture to Bryce for re-translation in his style, according to his experience, for inclusion in the Bryce Haymond Translation (BHT), please fill out the form below.

I can’t promise I will translate every scripture submitted, but I will try as I am able, according to my experience and understanding, and as I am inspired. Your submission may remain anonymous if you wish (the name and email fields are optional, although if you don’t include your email I won’t be able to reply by private email if I need any additional information).

I give you this as a free gift. I live in a gift economy, so I give all of my time and work freely to you. I depend on your good will and generosity so that I may live and continue to write and share insights as we grow to greater consciousness and communion. If you were inspired by this, if it sparked new insights or understanding in you, I invite you to also give, to participate in "the Gift". I accept gifts primarily in the form of credit/debit card donations. It takes only a few moments. I express my deepest gratitude to you for your gift!
You may also participate in this community and give in other ways: comment on posts, subscribe to email updates, like the Facebook page, follow my personal Facebook profile, ask to join the community's Facebook group, ask me a question, submit a scripture for me to translate, submit a "First Vision" experience, or contact me to talk about something else, or to offer your gifts in another way. I look forward to getting to know you!