Even with all the advances of technology these days, I think there is something unique about meeting together physically, in person, real face to real face. No technology will be able to replace this, ever, it seems to me. The human body seems to emanate a presence that can only be sensed in the actual presence of another human. This cannot be simulated or substituted. There is just something to being in the presence of other people, the real, live, actual presence.

Now, I’m a bit of a hermit myself. I don’t get out often to socialize. So this is even outside of my own comfort zone. But it is perhaps the ego’s comfort zone, and it is not me as I truly am. I think the true Self in all of us is radically open, loving, invested in others, a listener, non-judgmental, compassionate, empathetic, desirous to know others, and more. I have seen this Self in myself, and so I know it is there, and I know it is in you too.

I am organizing a monthly evening Mindful Meetup at the clubhouse in my townhome community for those who live locally here in Riverton, Utah, and surrounding areas of the Wasatch Front, and would like to come. We will meditate silently together for about 30 minutes, sitting in regular old chairs (we could call it “Maitreya” style), and then there will be time for open sharing. There is no preset agenda or discussion topic. I will not be “teaching,” but I may moderate the discussion, if needed.

This is a time for open sharing by anyone on any thoughts that might come up during the meditation, without judgment, likely on something about spirituality, meditation, mysticism, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, community, or the deeper nature of life. We will share for another half hour to an hour, or however long the discussion lasts. I will bring ice water, and a plate of yummy gooey chocolate chip cookies. There is no donation or any other contribution expected. Just come, and give the gift of your presence.

I will schedule these meetups on Facebook, in the private group Contemplating the Beloved. If you would like to participate, please join the group so you can be notified of these meetups, and can indicate your attendance. For those who are not local, I may also use the Meditation Room on a laptop so that you also can tune in to the meetup from abroad.