What is the Fall?

Will they ever return to me, those grandiose, immortal, cosmogonic dreams, in which one seems to carry the world in one’s breast, to touch the stars, to possess the infinite?

The Fall is going from nonduality to multiplicity, from purity to defilement, from perfection to sin-full-ness, from unity to multiplicity, from oneness to diversity, from clarity to obscurity, from Godliness to the nothingness of the natural man and carnal mind. It is a fall of perception, of the mind, of our state of consciousness, where we know we are one with God, to the knowledge of separateness, isolation, and independence. It is a fall of our perception of things as glorious and magnificent, to the dark and dreary world.

Henri Frédéric Amiel

Henri Frédéric Amiel (1821-1881), the Swiss philosopher and poet, described this well:

Will they ever return to me, those grandiose, immortal, cosmogonic dreams, in which one seems to carry the world in one’s breast, to touch the stars, to possess the infinite? Divine moments, hours of ecstasy, when thought flies from world to world, penetrates the great enigma, breathes with a respiration large, tranquil, and profound, like that of the ocean, and hovers serene and boundless like the blue heaven!… moments of irresistible intuition in which a man feels himself great like the universe and calm like a god! From the celestial spheres down to the shell or the moss, the whole of creation is then submitted to our gaze, lives in our breast, and accomplishes in us its eternal work with the regularity of destiny and the passionate ardor of love…
And then, to fall back again from these heights with their boundless horizon into the muddy ruts of triviality! what a fall!… What a pale counterfeit is real life of the life we see in glimpses, and how these flaming lightnings of our prophetic youth make the twilight of our dull monotonous manhood more dark and dreary!
(Henri Frédéric Amiel, Amiel’s Journal: The Journal Intime of Heri-Frédéric Amiel, trans. Mrs. Humphry Ward. http://gutenberg.org/files/8545/8545-h/8545-h.htm.)

But we can recover from this Fall. To unite once again with God is to recover from the Fall, it is a return to Eden, it is the At-one-ment, it is to see things as they really are, to put off the natural man and the carnal mind, it is to see the oneness in creation, that it is all of one substance, and that we are of that substance. It is to purify the mind, to still it, to see once again with an eye single to the glory of God. It is knowing who we really are.
And we don’t need to wait until we die. It can happen now, in this life. It should happen now. This is the time for us to prepare to meet God (Alma 12:24; Alma 34:32). We are fallen only inasmuch as we allow our consciousness to remain fallen. As Amiel described above, we can be gods. Because we already are.

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