Dante's "First Vision" Account

A divine light is directed on me, penetrating this glow in which I am contained…

Dante Alighieri

This comes from Dante Alighieri‘s classic work Divine Comedy:

A divine light is directed on me,
penetrating this glow in which I am contained,
whose virtue, combined with my vision,
lifts me so far above myself that I see
the Supreme Essence from which it is derived.
Thence comes the joy with which I shine,
because I match the clarity of my flame
to the clearness of my vision.

Source: Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, trans. H.R. Huse (New York: Rinehart, 1956), 426.
Some similarities to Joseph Smith’s First Vision might include:

  • Seeing a divine light, which is related to shining and flames
  • This light is directed onto him
  • Being enveloped in the light so it is all around, being contained in it
  • Mind being caught way from oneself, elevated and raised to a heavenly sphere
  • Seeing Divinity, the Supreme Essence, the source of the light
  • Being filled with great joy
  • Calling it a “vision”

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