John 3:16 BHT, God Beloved the Cosmos

An addition to the BHT, where Jesus notes how God beloved the Cosmos.

An addition to the BHT, where Jesus notes how God beloved the Cosmos.

Truly, in this way, God beloved the Cosmos—giving its only Self in all the Universe’s Creation so that all people who trust deeply in their Creation would not be lost and destroyed in their egos, but rather would know Infinite Life and Being.

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2 thoughts on “John 3:16 BHT, God Beloved the Cosmos

  1. I love this phrase: “…so that all people who trust deeply in their Creation…” My recent experience has involved a deep trust in the Infinite. Reading that phrase produced one of those “connecting” moments for me.

    1. Beautiful. Yes, I perceive that trusting deeply in this Infinite Creation is the same as “believing in him.” The Greek word for “belief” here is pisteuō, which means to have confidence in, commit to, have trust in, to entrust one’s self. We often think that “belief” is a heady thing, to have the correct thoughts in one’s mind, to think that something is true. But having a deep trust down in one’s heart, it seems to me, is closer to the intended meaning of this verse; to accept Reality, to throw down one’s egoic defenses and embrace Creation, just as it is, to have an assurance of Life as it is in the present moment.

      We also often think that the “Son” and “him” in this verse are referring to a single person, Jesus. But I perceive that God’s “Son” is all of Creation itself. God “created” it all, not just Jesus. It is all God’s “Son,” all that the Source has “birthed” in the Cosmos, God’s One and “only begotten” is all of it. And Jesus realized that “he” was One with all of this Creation, all of this “Christ” (D&C 88:7-13). And when we realize that we are an inseparable part of Creation too, then in that same moment we realize that we are the “Son” of God, the “only begotten” of God, at-One with all Creation, this Christ, and this is Infinite Being.

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