Democratizing “Mindfulness” is a Positive Movement if we go Deeper

Russell Brand is an unconventional spiritual commentator, but I think he is right about the nature of consciousness and mysticism, and how these can change the world.

This video by Russell Brand really isn’t about the commercialization of mindfulness and the downsides that may have, but about the deeper benefits that may be gained through genuine mindfulness, meditation and contemplation.

It’s about going beyond the rational scientific mind (and the religious mind, I might add), beyond what our egoic individualism and tribalism and sense perceptions tell us about life and being, and becoming conscious of something deeper, more universal, more fundamental which cannot be expressed through language or concepts but which the spiritual and mystical traditions have known about for millennia.

It’s the transpersonal realm, the transrational realm, perhaps the transhumanist realm, the “spiritual” realm beyond what can be seen or known with our “natural eyes,” the consciousness that is known before any thoughts enter awareness.

If we can democratize this mystical experience that actually transcends individuality and the ego-self to a kind of collective consciousness, a nondual unitive knowing, a oneness of being, an at-one-ment Consciousness of God or Ultimate Reality, I think it will be beneficial to humanity, as Russell Brand affirms here.

We will come to know that we are not all in this life individually, as separate independent beings, but as expressions of something deeper that is One, that is the same energy, that is the same Being, that binds us together as one humanity, one world, one Earth, one essence, one Life. It will compel us to be more compassionate with all others when we realize they are us, and we are them, and that we are all in this together in a very fundamental way.

We are as the cells of a human body are one body and must work together for the good of the whole body. The cells are not separate from the body, or from each other, but are the body, and what is good for the body are good for the cells. It is perhaps why the cells joined together in multicellular life to begin with. I wrote about that once here.

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