God Is In the Black Hole

a poem

God is in the black hole
in the singularity
the One
in that place where space and time disintegrate

where reason comes to naught
where all theories break down
and die
the dualities of relativity
and quantum mechanics end
where an infinity
is also indefinite
beyond the event horizon
transcending the spacetime
in which events happen
beyond our knowing
in that dark cloud of unknowing
where energy becomes basic again
mass dissolves into
pure hidden Light
where time stands still
because there is nowhere for time to go
where space becomes All
and nothing
a void
an abyss
an emptiness
that is also the Source
of All in All
for we also inhabit a Singularity
the same Singularity
and we are that Singularity
this uni-verse
this one song
this turning back into One
we come from One
we return to One
and it is all One between
at-Oneing in at-One-ment
this Singularity
Omega Point
circumambulating this One
orbiting it
swirling round and round the maypole
or mulberry bush
until we drop inside
and know our Self
the Self that has always been
fall into this Singularity
contemplate with me
the Singularity that always has been
and always will be
that we are
inside Consciousness
pass beyond the veil of the mind
its thoughts, perceptions,
sensations, and feelings
pierce this event horizon of ego
to the One beyond the duality
of subject and object
beneath it
before it
before you become two
a knower and known
a body-mind in the world
separate from the world
know your Self before self
the God beyond “God”
this Singularity which cannot be known
but can be gnosed
by itself
in itself
of its Self
as its Self
as above
so below
on Earth as it is in heaven
when we know this
we know Love
because we are all there
you and I
not two
but One

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