Gospel of Thomas 3 BHT: Knowing the Kingdom in Your Self

A translation of a non-canonical saying from Jesus about the location of the kingdom and how to find it there.

An addition to the BHT, a translation of Saying 3 from the Gospel of Thomas, a non-canonical book part of the Nag Hammadi Library discovered in 1945 in Egypt. It dates to between 60-140 AD, possibly written by proto-Gnostics. Here Jesus is attributed with saying where the kingdom of God is located (similar to Luke 17:21), and how one comes to know it.

3 Jesus said, “If your leaders tell you, ‘Look! The Kingdom is in the sky!’ then the birds are there before you are. If they tell you, ‘Look! The Kingdom is in the sea,’ then the fish are there before you are. Anywhere they tell you it is located in spacetime, something will supersede you there. But in reality, the Kingdom of God, this nondual unitive consciousness, Life, and Being, is within you and also all around you.

“When you come to re-cognize your Self, then your Sovereignty will also be re-cognized, and you will real-eyes that it is you who are the Son of the living Father, a Manifestation of the One, an Incarnation of the Cosmos. But if you do not re-cognize your Self, then you live in poverty and you are that poverty, the poverty of the mortal finite ego.”

The image at the top is of Nag Hammadi Codex II, the papyrus codex which is the only complete manuscript from antiquity with the Gospel of Thomas, written in Coptic.

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