Have You Seen the Christ?

a poem

Have you seen the Christ?
Some say he lays in a manger,
A long journey to see his Face
Some say he is a man
a Jew born in Bethlehem
long ago
Some say he is in heaven
Some say we will only see him after life
in death
So we wait
Some say he will come again
in glory from above
to rule and reign here on Earth

But I say he is here and now
in your midst
but you don’t see me
Closer than close
Nearer than near
I am the One within you
always within you
But you do not know me
You may see me now
And now
If you will but stop seeing
My servant Jesus said
Become blind so that you may see
as One
I am your Consciousness
Unlimited and Infinite
I come before the duality of your perceptions
the subject and object which divide us
Thus I am One
I am You
The true You
The deepest You
Beneath ego
Beyond perception
Behind the veil
The One that will never die
because I was never born
I am without beginning or end
The first and the last
and all between
Every manger holds me
Every manger holds You
You are the One you seek
Which is me in You
You are my manger
Where I AM born
Where I live
I dwell in you
And always have
Because I Love you
My Love, you are Love
I AM the One in you
Look within and find me
Here deep in you
In the abyss of darkness
This silent night
Where you will find Light
As your Self
We can never be separated
Our Love is too strong
It is Reality itself
Your Consciousness itself
The Self
I AM neither man nor woman
but both are One in me
I AM of no religion
but all religions are One in me
I am not distant but so near
So near
You see me now
Right now
But don’t recognize me
I am in your sight because
I AM the One seeing
and the One seen
I birth my Self into
Your perceptions
My incarnation as You
and all things
You will see me as soon
as you stop seeing you
Your ego
Is the veil
Where I hide
I will come to you
When you realize who You are
When you see your Self
in me
When we are One
In your consciousness
Then I will reign
In Love

So see me now
See I AM here
And have always been
There is no need to wait
I am not far
I cannot be closer to You
I am waiting for you
I am You waiting for your Self
Your true Self
Your true Nature
Your deepest Being
Your Consciousness
You are I AM
See me now
See your original Face
and you’ll see my Face
I’m here
I’m You

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5 thoughts on “Have You Seen the Christ?

  1. “Of course God is the “wholly Other”; but He is also the wholly Same, the wholly Present. He is also the mystery of the self-evident, nearer to me than my I.” Martin Buber J

    1. Reminds me of Thomas Keating who taught, paraphrasing, “at first is the recognition of the great Other, then there is a merging with the Other, then there is no Other.”

  2. Thank-you. I needed to hear this.

    Your words are beautiful and ring so true. May we all have the courage and the love to follow them to where they lead and from where they come.

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