“I AM You”

a poem

the world will never understand me
I AM useless to the world
the world that thinks
everything is about
sustaining and
aggrandizing the ego
and its illusory separateness
my Kingdom is not of this world
so I AM worthless to the world
it will never make money off me
it may gain the whole world
but lose its Soul
Beauty and
never separate
always One
I AM the One in them all
yet I cannot be understood
with the thinking mind
that will never grok me
I AM before the mind
I AM your consciousness
yes, yours, ours
that One
that empty ground of being
that nothingness
that which comes before
every thought or perception
of self
of other
of ego
I AM before Abraham
I AM before them all
I AM You
when you take off the mask
that you think you are
all you will find is Me
your Self
in glory incomprehensible
because I come before
all comprehension
I don’t think, therefore I AM
I AM therefore I AM
know Me
know your Self


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