John 5:16-30 BHT: The Power to Act from the One

The Son’s decisions and power to act come from the Father, the Source, the One.

An addition to the BHT, where Jesus speaks to the religious authorities, telling them why and how he does what he does, despite being in contravention of their religious laws.

16 Because of this, the Jews began persecuting him, for he was doing these things on the Sabbath day.

17 And so Jesus replied to them, “My Source is acting even in this moment, and so I am acting.”

18 And so the religious authorities tried even more to kill him, because he was not only breaking the law of the Sabbath, but was also calling God his own Source, thus making himself equal to God.

19 Jesus responded to them and said, “Of the Truth I say to you, the Son cannot act in any way of his own self, if he doesn’t perceive the Source acting; furthermore, whatever that Source does in him, these are the things that the Son also does.”

20 “For the Source loves its own Manifestation, and makes known to it all that it does. And even far greater things than these will the Source show it how to do, and you will be awestruck.”

21 “Just as the Source resurrects and awakens the dead elements and gives them the breath of life, in a similar way the Son also gives life to whomever and whatever he will.”

22 “Additionally, the Source does not judge anyone, to separate or distinguish them, but these decisions it has given to its Manifestation,

23 “so that all people may honor and value the Son, even as those Sons honor and value their Source. Those who do not honor the Manifestation are not honoring its Source, the One that sent it into the world.”

24 “Of the Truth I say to you, those who hear my words, and trust in the One that sent me, they have realized timeless Life, and they do not enter into the judgement of dualistic separation, but have rather passed out of that spiritual death into Life itself.”

25 “Of the Truth I tell you that the time is both coming, and is right now and right here, when those who are spiritually dead will hear the voice of the Manifestation of God, and having heard it they will Live.”

26 “Just as the Source has Life in its Self, so too it gave its Manifestation Life, that it may have Life in its Self,”

27 “and gave it the power to act, and decisions to make, because it is the Human One.”

28 “Don’t be surprised at this, because the time is coming, and is even now, when all those who are inwardly dead in their tombs, not knowing their Self, will hear the One’s voice,

29 “and they will come out of their dead state, awakening to their Self, those that do good to the resurrection of timeless Life, and those who do bad to the resurrection of their own self-judgement.”

30 “As I said, I am not able to do anything of my own ego-self; I decide to act in the moment I hear that voice, and the decision I make is right because I don’t inquire of my own ego or intellect, but rather I do the deeper will of the One in me.”

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