Luke 20:34-38 BHT: Marriage and the Resurrection

A new translation of Jesus’ words about marriage and the resurrection.

An addition to the BHT, when the Sadducees questioned Jesus about marriage arrangements in the resurrection. Jesus teaches them about the true nature of marriage and of the living resurrection.

34 And Jesus replied to them saying, “Only people in this temporal condition get married.”

35 “But those who attain actual reality in the timeless condition, having been raised from spiritual death, they don’t marry.”

36 “And they are unable to die anymore, but are like living angels in nondual heavenly consciousness, and all of them are the Son of God, since they are children of the resurrection. They are One, and thus married to All.”

37 “Now, that the spiritually dead are raised up to timelessness, even Moses realized this at the burning bush, because he called the Lord ‘the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.'”

38 “So you can see, God is not a God of those who are dead, but of those who have become Life, and all beings to God are living in the eternal now.”

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