Meeting Richard Rohr

What a gift it was to meet Fr. Richard Rohr today at the 2019 The Universal Christ conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my friends Michael Potter and Jory Pryor. My towering over Richard Rohr is just an optical illusion. He really towers over me.

I give you this as a free gift. I live in a gift economy, so I give all of my time and work freely to you. I depend on your good will and generosity so that I may live and continue to write and support people like you as we grow to greater consciousness. If you were inspired by this, if it sparked new insights or understanding in you, I invite you to also give, to participate in "the Gift". I accept gifts primarily in the form of credit/debit card donations. It takes only a few moments. I express my deepest gratitude to you for your gift!
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4 thoughts on “Meeting Richard Rohr

  1. Bryce, that is so exciting!! I am so glad you were able to attend that. I hope we’ll be hearing about it in future posts!

    1. Yes! I’m so grateful I was able to go. Many angels helped support me so I could come. You will definitely be hearing about this in future posts! Probably several posts. Many wonderful insights to share. I’ve been taking detailed notes. 🙂

  2. I returned from the conference full and eager to share with others. I received Richard’s instruction to “make sure the gold is yours before giving it away” and it just so happened that I was asked to share with 2 separate small groups on Wednesday and Thursday (3 days later). Bryce, “I resonate with you, I hear you, and I’m with you”. From the looks of your website and blogs I feel encouraged that others will be invited to consider their own journey from Love and to Love. Bless you.

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