The Ego & the True Human

The human ego, this psychological self, is entrenched in division, in separation, in me versus you, ingroup vs outgroup, my religion or no religion.

The human ego, our psychological self, is entrenched in division, in separation, in me versus you, tribalistic ingroup versus outgroup, my religion or no religion, my salvation or no salvation, my politics or no politics, my perspective or no perspective, my way or the highway, it divides, it erects barriers/walls, it protects itself, it builds itself up, it takes pleasure in being better than others, in being truer than others, in being more right than others, in having the correct understanding, the correct concepts, the correct scriptures, the correct ordinances, the correct authorities, this is the way it is and there is no other way, it either knows the truth or no one does, it must do things right or else, there is a right way and a wrong way and I have the right way, it must compete against all, it must maintain its pride, it must do all things for the benefit of its small self.

The true Human, what we really are, rejoices in union, in at-one-ment, in seeing itself in all beings, in seeing goodness in all groups, in seeing truth in all religions, in finding salvation through many paths, in considering many political viewpoints, in appreciating all perspectives as parts of the whole, in bringing things together, in tearing down barriers/walls, in protecting all beings, in building up all beings, in bringing joy to all beings, in seeing truth in all things, in appreciating the spectrum of right/wrong and good/evil, in being open to all understanding, to all concepts, to all scriptures, in seeing the symbolism in all ordinances, in valuing the truth that specialists and authorities bring to understanding, in seeing a multitude of paths to the top of the mountain, in allowing reality to flow where it will, in cooperating with one and all, in abolishing egoic pride, in doing all things for the collective benefit of all of one’s family, one’s community, for all the Human Family, for all sentient Life, for the whole Earth, and for all of Creation.

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