The Kosmic One Endows Us the Energy to Be and to Act

Have you ever wondered where the energy that makes up your body-mind comes from, both bound in material form and free-flowing in “spiritual” form, and that this may be a deeper aspect of You?

When God is realized as our deepest being, not as a separate entity “out there” somewhere, and not of the ego, but of the most fundamental essence of our reality in this cosmos, then we are empowered to act (aka an “endowment of power”).

God is that foundation, that source, that fundamental identity, that origin, that Absolute, that gives us all energy to act, which gives all things energy to act, move, and be, for as Paul said, “in [God] we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).

This is not an “unknown God,” because God is fully Present in all times, and all places, here and now. It is we who may be unconscious of this Presence, trapped in the narrowness of the egoic finite mind which thinks of itself as separate and independent from the Whole. So it may indeed be “unknown” to that ego, but it is fully known to God in the soul, as that soul.

God is the source from which all that energy flows, that all-encompassing reality that includes the ecosystem, Earth, nature, humanity, our society, the sun, water, plants, light, and everything else that has been Graced to us so that we may live and breathe, the materialization or “incarnation” of all things in the universe, including our particular finite body-mind.

Of our own selves, independently, we can do nothing, and we are nothing. Nothing. But we are also all manifestations of that Kosmic One, the One in expression, the One unfolding its Self, the One in action, the One in Love, which is everything, all of us as One, that Singularity, that Holy (Wholly) One.

And when we act as One, there is no limit to what we can do. It’s when we act separately, singly, in ego, that we lose all divine power, and are trapped in illusion and delusion, or darkness.

So we do the Will of that One that sent us here, that birthed us, that manifested its Self in us, that incarnated its Self as us, that includes us all within its Self, who are the agents of its Self in the world. God can also do nothing without us, because we are God’s manifestation in the world.

What is that Will? It is that which promotes the well-being of each and all, who are all aspects of its Self, expressions of its Self, that helps each and all grow and evolve, and thrive. This is Love. This is Compassion. This is Oneness. This is comm-union in comm-unity which is comm-unal. Together we are One.

And this Will is known directly when we transcend our egoic “self” in consciousness, and we realize our oneness in that Kosmic One, realizing we have never actually been separate from it, but we have been ignorant of it, unaware of it, blinded to its Presence in us, as the Ground of us, lost in separation, in alienation, in a false independence and self-reliance.

We live in that lie, that illusion, for much of our lives, until something breaks the spell, and our consciousness is catapulted out of the egoic and dualistic subject-object space, and we see directly a higher Unity, a fundamental Oneness or Nonduality, a shared Being, and we know that we are all that One, that Love.

Not in an ethereal otherworldly space or dimension, but here and now, behind the veil of the illusory dualistic separation of mind. And we see the world as it really is in Reality, in the One that is our true Self.

You are a sunflare, flaring with all the power that this overwhelming pulsating energy source has graced in you. You are, indeed, the “Light of the Kosmos” (phōs tou kosmou, Matthew 5:14, John 8:12), shining this life-giving energy upon all who you encounter in life, who are also sunflares, other aspects of your own deepest Self, that the glory of that One in “Heaven” may be known in Love.

The image at the top is from June 20, 2013 showing a solar flare erupting on the left side of the sun. NASA/SDO

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2 thoughts on “The Kosmic One Endows Us the Energy to Be and to Act

  1. True mystics found that as they probed the depths of their inner self, beyond the surface “me,” they gradually became more aware of the spirit in everyone and everything around them. The faint divine light slowly brightened to remove their own interior shadows, then diffused to illuminate and energize all of this life. The cloud of ignorance lifted to reveal they were already “beyond me” every moment. Mundane living became more “alive” than ever before. Infinite existence is here…eternal life is now. In that awareness, past and future lose their significance.

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