Super Natural, not Supernatural or Unnatural

What is God’s relationship with nature? Is God supernatural or natural? Or both?

I think God is both supernatural and natural. But I think the supernatural is not other than the natural. Rather it seems it is what we do not know of the natural (and in a sense we cannot know in the intellectual mind). God is not “unnatural.”

God seems to me to be very much a part of the natural world, but a part that is beyond our typical senses and intellectual knowledge. The Divine is perhaps super natural, or beyond what we typically think of as natural, but still very much a part of nature.

I think the “supernatural” in terms of magic, or forces which are contrary to the laws of nature or that break such laws, does not exist. There is no power outside of nature that breaks nature according to its whims.

God does not break nature, but rather is in absolute harmony with it, as the Tao, and is the ultimate reality of that nature, in my view. We just don’t know that ultimate reality of nature, and we cannot know it unless we transcend the intellect.

The intellect, or thinking mind, or ego, the “natural man,” or “carnal mind,” the psychological self, cannot know God. This seems to be a fundamental law. That intellect or thinking mind passes away, it dies a kind of “death,” it goes offline, it becomes inactive, that “self” is gone, it is transcended in that direct encounter with Ultimate Reality or in God’s Presence.

No “human” has ever seen God or known God because it is not the human part of us that comes to know it. That ego is transcended in that ultimate encounter, that mystical vision, that realization of the Absolute. All relativity is transcended, including the relative mind, the thoughts of human mind, including all the thoughts that make up our perception of our “self.”

The part of us that comes to know God is God its Self. It is somehow the Absolute itself that recognizes its Self in and through us. It is our divine nature that realizes that it is Divine. It is our transfigured Self that becomes awakened to its Self, and its ultimate nature in God. It is consciousness itself that awakens to Consciousness.

We see our true Self as intimately One in nature, as absolutely a part of it, and that it has never been separate from it. All of nature is seen as our true Self, the ground of our being, the manifestation of the Absolute, the incarnation of the Divine, the expression of God, the creation of God, as the whole universe has flowed out from a Singularity, and is in a sense still a part of that Singularity. The creation is a manifestation of the Creator its Self.

The subject-object dualities of mind are transcended, and you are what you see. Everything is a manifestation of your deepest Self, the Absolute, the Divine. This is at-one-ment. This is theosis. This is liberation.

God is not “other” than you, but is You, the real You, the eternal You, reincarnating or resurrecting its Self in each and every new form in nature and in the cosmos for eternity.

(Thanks to Mikael for noting how it may be “super natural” instead of “supernatural.”)

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2 thoughts on “Super Natural, not Supernatural or Unnatural

  1. Bryce, ‘supernatural’ carries connotations of the paranormal or the occult…of strange happenings or weird beings. Super natural is the better term for the divine immanent and transcendent to Nature on Earth. Perhaps the title of your post should have been “Super Natural, not Unnatural or Supernatural.”

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