What is the Mystical “Light of God”?

Many mystics describe seeing a bright light in their experiences. What is that?

People who have had deep spiritual or mystical experiences often describe God or Ultimate Reality in terms of a very intense bright light, usually white. Many compare it to the brightness of the sun, and utterly blinding. I have noted this feature in the dozens of “First Vision” accounts I’ve cataloged here.

Some mystics describe it as a visual light, something they seem to actually see. Others describe it as an pervasive illumination, not merely visual, but filling all the senses and experience and being to overflowing, even transcending all those senses.

I have not personally seen any such light, although I’ve had what I would call visual “flashes,” and a kind of “warming.” Most of my experiences have been in the second sense above, of a profound illumination of consciousness, of being itself, of understanding, of “getting it.” Everything becomes ultra and supernally clear, you are flooded with a sense of connection, beauty, gratitude, and grace, and you finally can say that you know, although that “you” is not anything like the typical you or sense of being a separate self identity. You have radically changed.

I suggest the “Light” experienced is simply Reality as it is in itself, the fullness of Being, the totality of light-energy of the cosmos, the Absolute, the Real. It is the All in All. The One. The Singularity. The Light is the foundation of your very own Self, your Soul, your Source, your Reality, your Essence, which is the essence of everything.

You are “seeing” God because you are God, and everything that is “seen” is that God, and there is absolutely nothing that is not that God. The senses are totally filled with the presence of God, such that everything, absolutely everything, is God. There is no particle anywhere that is not filled with God. No longer filtered or diluted or endarkened by the dualistic egoic mind, this presence fills consciousness to the brim. It is realized as consciousness itself.

It is not the particularization of the Whole, but the Whole itself. It is not the contents or activity within Consciousness, but pure Consciousness itself. It is not the excitation or fluctuation of the Unified Field, but the Unified Field itself. It is not any particular instance of Being, but the ground of Being itself. It is not the discrete localized manifestation of the Wave Function, but the Wave Function itself.

It is not the ego-self, the false self, the illusory dualistic self, the body-mind self, but rather the true Self, the holistic Self, the Self that is at-one in the One, the universal cosmic Self, the transcendent Divine Self, the Christ Self, the Krishna Self, the Buddha-nature. Some think it is “blinding” because the ego becomes blinded, overpowered, subdued, shown its own nature as blindness.

The Light is simply Truth itself, Reality itself, Love itself, which is a fullness of all Being, and it shines brighter than anything else that ever was or will be, because it is all that IS. It is isness itself.

It is not any particular perceived light, natural light, visible light, or photon energy, per se, but the Source and Illuminator of all light and mass-energy everywhere and always, the One from which all light emanates like rays from the sun and all stars everywhere in the cosmos. You see that as your true identity. You see the Light, and you are the Light. You are the Light that is the Kosmos.

What do you think about this mystical Light? Have you “seen” it? Have you realized it?

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2 thoughts on “What is the Mystical “Light of God”?

  1. A lot of non Christians have this experience too. It’s happens when you go into jhana meditation. I have had this experience after meditating for a long time and letting go of self and embracing reality as it is and not turning away from any suffering. The mind goes into beautiful feelings and an incredibly bright all encompassing and compelling light arises, and then a state of peace follows where all the burdens and fetters you’ve been carrying are gone – like a noose is removed from your neck. People learn to meditate in these states at will and my understanding the bright is the luminosity of the untainted mind.

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