By finding Nothing, we find Everything

A recent discovery of a galaxy without dark matter may be evidence or even proof for dark matter. We can compare this to mysticism and spirituality.

This is a fascinating short video about what may one of the most remarkable discoveries related to dark matter. And we may have found it by finding nothing.

By discovering a galaxy that does not have dark matter, we may have found significant evidence or even proof for it. Talk about cosmic apophatic mysticism!

As Buddhists say, emptiness is form, form is emptiness. By finding nothing, we found something. It is often when we don’t get the results we expect that we make new scientific discoveries. The same applies in spirituality. Absolute absence is the Presence. An object is as much the space around it as it is in it. It is in the center of thick darkness that the Light shines brighter than a billion suns, in the center of a dark cloud that the divine Fire burns brightly. By not knowing (unknowing) we come to know. By surrendering everything, we are given the All.

This seems to be a very strange paradox of reality, perception, and consciousness, that in nothingness we seem to find everything. It seems backwards, but so do many other things. When we are weak, then we are strong (2 Cor. 12:10). The first will be last, and the last will be first (Matt. 20:16). Those who are exalted will be humbled, and the humble will be exalted (Matt. 23:12). God makes “Himself” nothing by being a servant, and is thus exalted on High with the Gods (Phil. 2:6-11). By finding our life we lose it, and by losing our life we find Life (Matt. 10:39). It’s when we completely surrender our concepts of God that God suddenly appears, and is something we had never supposed (Moses 1:10). It is on the cross that we find Life; in living we die, and in allowing the ego to die we Live. How is it possible?

The darkness comprehends it not, it makes no sense, and this is the Light’s comprehension. The things of God/Reality are foolishness to the intellect and intellectual, because the mind will never understand them, it can’t comprehend them (1 Cor. 1:18, 27; 2:14).

Or as is written in Mormon scriptures, when we realize we (ego) are nothing, that is when we realize we are the Christ (Moses 1:6, 10; cf. Mosiah 4:2-3, 5, 11; Helaman 12:7).

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