My Vision for the World

My vision is that we will realize ourselves as One, as Love, as Light, as the Cosmos itself.

“Great leaders do not define their vision by what it is not. Great leaders define their vision by what it is. They tell us where we are going. Kennedy didn’t tell us we’re not going to stay on the earth. He told us we’re going to the moon.”

-Simon Sinek

Do you want to know my vision?

I have a dream that one day we will live in peace and harmony with all people, that we will realize our oneness with all humanity, that we will trust one another because everyone will be looking out for the other and will see their Self in the other, that there will be no poor among us because we won’t tolerate it, that there will be no hate, violence, bloodshed, abuse, exploitation, greed, pride, envy, enmity, selfishness, egocentrism, gender wars, sexual orientation wars, gender identity wars, wars, wars, wars. They will cease. We will beat our swords into plowshares, so that we may feed “His” sheep, which are our sheep, because we are One. What we do to the other we do to our Self.

We will love our neighbor as our Self, and we will shower compassion on one and all we meet, lifting them to the greatest heights of joy and happiness that it is possible for us to realize. We will fall on each others necks in Love. We will open ourselves to the Gift of Life itself, to our Presence here, to the Beauty that surrounds us, to Goodness, to Truth.

We will stop believing that our thoughts, words, theories, doctrines, theologies are absolutes, but rather relative metaphors, pointers, allegories, mythologies, stories, symbols, which are pointing our minds toward far greater transrational Realities, beyond the limitations of our intellectual minds.

We will realize that our existence here is not meaningless, because the Cosmos put us here, and we are that Cosmos. We put ourselves here. We are that Self, and when we realize this, we will realize the greatest Love that there ever was and ever will be. It is an infinite Love, a pure Love, a Love of Being, of Life, of Living, of Joy, Rejoicing, Gladness, Tears of Joy, Tears!

We will shout it from the rooftops! We will weep, as God weeps! We will shine as God shines, above the brightness of the Sun/Son!

This is my vision. This is what it is. This is where we are going. We are going to the Sun/Son.

Will we realize it?

The photo at the top of this post is described in this way: “The horizon seems to catch fire as the Sun rises in the Davis Mountains as seen from McDonald Observatory.” Credit: Ethan Tweedie Photograghy

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