1 Corinthians 3 BHT, Who Teaches the Truth?

An addition to the BHT, where Paul addresses the people in Corinth about who teaches the truth about God. (The painting above is “Conversion on the Way to Damascus,” by Caravaggio, c. 1600-1601.)

An addition to the BHT, where Paul addresses the people in Corinth on the subject of who teaches the truth. (The painting above is “Conversion on the Way to Damascus,” by Caravaggio, c. 1600-1601.)

1 My Family, I could not speak to you as people who are Spiritually conscious, but rather as people who are ego minded and are caught in the errors of the egocentric psychological self, just infants yet in the Anointed Christ consciousness.

2 I had to speak to you words that were like milk to drink, and not solid foods, because you couldn’t yet process it in your minds. Your minds are still not ready to consider these things.

3 You are still egotistical and deluded by the self-centered consciousness. Because even as people feel resentful, hostile, and are unhappily averse to other people’s possessions or qualities, or greedily desire and grasp at them for their own, and there is contention, angry fighting, bitter disagreement, heated bickering, and mean arguments and debates that cause divisions between people, is this not egotism? Are you not still acting with a consciousness that is still the carnal “natural man,” which is self-absorbed, self-interested, self-seeking, narcissistic, self-important, self-admiring, self-regarding, selfish, and conceited?

4 Really, if one person says, “I like what Bryce teaches,” and another person says, “I’ll only believe Joseph Smith,” and someone else says, “Well, I follow Gautama,” and yet another says, “I’m fully with Pope Francis,” and again someone else says, “But I only like Sam Harris,” are you not still trapped in your self-deceiving, society-dividing, self-obsessed, arrogant, and uniquely vain human self-consciousness that thinks its own ideas are the right ones?

5 Who, ultimately, are Bryce Haymond, and Joseph Smith, and Siddhartha Gautama, and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and Sam Harris, and so many others, except merely human teachers through whom you have learned some truth and come to trust it and have confidence in it, even as this One Creative Universe has delivered each of their gifts and talents into humanity.

6 I may have planted a seed of truth, and Harris may have watered and fertilized that seed, but it is your Life in the One that has made it grow within your mind and consciousness, to ‘enlarge your soul,’ to ‘enlighten your understanding,’ even as Joseph Smith and Gautama taught.

7 So it is neither the person who plants the seed of truth, nor the person who waters and digs about that seed, nor the person who points out how it enlarges and enlightens your understanding. They are all nothing! They are not what is important, ever. It is the Source of your Life and Light in your own consciousness that causes the enlargement and enlightenment of that Truth in your Being.

8 Those that plant and water and fertilize and dig and teach and point all have the same purpose and goal in One—to help point you towards the Light of Truth within you—and each one of them will be rewarded for the fruits of their hard work, as will you.

9 Because sincerely, we are all working together, every one laboring towards Truth, in this One Creative Universe. Indeed, YOU ARE the very Life and Sustenance of this Divine Universe, the “farmer’s field” in which all Truth is planted and harvested; YOU ARE the very Materialization and Incarnation of our One Source, the “building” that is constructed and edified within all of this Wonderous Creation.

10 By the deeply humbling Gift I’ve been granted by our Source of Consciousness, as a wise designer or expertly skilled architect might do, I’ve pointed towards the foundation of those deep concrete piles, and now others may build on top of that foundation. But whoever builds, even each and every person, should take utter care, attentive observation, and contemplative consideration of how they are going about building on it.

11 Because no one can put down a different foundation than the one that already exists, that is already laid down for us, which is this——the ‘I AM that Saves and Liberates’ our Minds and Souls and Bodies from that egoic self-centered unconsciousness that we all have, even the ‘Anointed One’ of that Pure and Perfect and Wholly Complete Being which we ALL are deep within our very own Selves beyond our frail and broken psychological superficial selves, just as Jesus and Gautama and many others have shown and taught to us for ages.

12 So if anyone builds on a different foundation with gold and silver, and expensive granites from Canada, and fine marbles from Italy, and exquisite cherry or walnut woods from various forests around the USA, like the “sticks” and “straws” in traditional fables,

13 every such outward material workmanship built with human hands will eventually be revealed and recognized plainly for what it is; for that Day of realization and awakening in your consciousness will unveil it in the true Light, even by a Fire above the brightness of the sun. And by that Fire, you will discern and recognize the authenticity of all such workmanship, and on what foundation it is built.

14 If the workmanship of the building endures and survives that Fire upon the foundation where it has been built, then that builder will be commended and rewarded for having so constructed their structure.

15 But if any workmanship is burned to the ground in that Fire, the builder will suffer to the depths of their soul, even great losses, damages, and injuries in that dark night, but even so will still be saved and liberated by that Fire in consciousness, even as fire refines and purifies.

16 How is it that you cannot perceive and ascertain that it is YOU your Self that is the true and living Holy Temple of God, the Source of our very Being, and that the Spirit of Life and of this Divine One Source lives right within the living Holy of Holies of YOUR very own Self, your Mind, your Soul, your Body, your Consciousness? that Christ’s Spirit is YOUR Spirit that animates the entirety of your own Life?

16 Don’t you see that YOU are the House of the Lord, even the Temple of God, and that the Life and Breath and Spirit of God Himself lives within you?

16 Do you not know, and can you not see, that YOU are the temple of God, that sacred edifice, the very real Holy of Holies, and that God’s live-giving Spirit, Christ’s spirit, even the breath of Life, lives within YOU?

17 If any human ego attempts to defile, corrupt, spoil, or destroy this Temple of the Divine Life that YOU yourselves are in the least degree, then that Divine Life itself will eventually tear down that ego completely to the dust of the ground. For the House of the true and living Life of this Universe and Creation is the Most Holy One, Sacred, Sanctified, Saintly, Pure, Sinless, Consecrated, and Most Gloriously Beautiful ONE that exists, and You are That! That is your true Self!

17 If the “natural man” corrupts, defiles or destroys the Temple of God, God will destroy the “natural man,” because the Temple of God is Holy, Sacred, Pure, and Perfect, and that is what you are!

18 Don’t let your egos deceive, beguile, or seduce your own consciousness into believing that you are anything other than This, the ONE, even as that egoic “serpent” did in the very beginning. If any of your egos think they are so very smart, intelligent, learned, intellectual, lettered, or wise as to the things pertaining to humanity’s dualistic knowledge, ‘supposing they know of themselves,’ then you should soon allow your egoic consciousness to become unlearned, unknowing, unwise, and emptied of ALL those worldly objects of consciousness, so that you may be filled to overflowing with true Wisdom from the nondualistic One Source of our Life and Love and Consciousness.

19 For ALL those ways of mind and intellectual understanding among most of humanity are for all eternity absolute nonsense and nothingness and emptiness when one has the mind and consciousness of the ONE. As it is written in the Book of Job: “One consciousness catches those who think they know in their very own false wisdom, and the extensive counsels of that ego who ‘struggles and wrestles in God’ are brought to a swift end” (Job 5:13).

20 Or again, as the Psalmist notes, “One consciousness knows that all the thoughts and designs of the human ego since the beginning are devoid of the real and absolute Truth, and evaporate like a breath on glass” (Psalm 94:11).

21 On account of all of that, therefore, let not a single one of you talk with excessive pride or satisfaction about the things they’ve learned from any other single human person whatsoever! Because ALL things are yours, even now,

22 whether it is through Bryce, or Joseph, or Siddhartha, or Jorge, or Sam, or by scientific study of the Cosmos, or the biology of Life, or the dark night of Death (whether egoic or biological), or the Present moment of now, or things that will come into Present awareness, they are all yours even now, and you can grow into the Truth from them ALL.

23 You are ALL of this ‘Anointed’ Christ-Buddha-Vishnu-Messiah-Laozi-Manifestation-Virgin Point, and the Body of Christ-Buddha-Vishnu-Messiah-Laozi-Manifestation-Virgin Point is of the ONE Eternal God Being that is this Reality of the Universe.

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