“I Did Not Write This”: the Mysticism of Spiritual Writing

How could I write something that I did not write? Great question. I’m trying to figure that out too.

What a silly thing to say. Right? But let me explain.

I am not the Source of many of the words that I share. I am a conduit, an instrument, a medium, a channel, a pipe, and the words merely flow through it. I try to stay out of the way as they flow. Really. It’s not me.
As Hafez said, I am merely a hole in a flute that the Christ breath moves through.

It’s not from me, this finite embodied individual person you see here. I, Bryce, didn’t create it. I didn’t write it. It’s not me! I may have helped shape the words, but it flows from a deeper Source than me, than this ego.
They are not my words, I don’t own them, and I am not the originator of them, I am not the Creator, but rather they are from that Source, which Jesus called the “Father.”

The ego is not responsible for that goodness, that truth, that insight in it. The ego-self is never that Source, although it often thinks it is. The psychological self takes credit for that which comes from a deeper place in us, beneath and beyond the conscious “self” construction, all the time.

I don’t take any credit for the Wisdom, that perennial Sophia, that may be found in it, but I will take responsibility for all the mistakes in it. Where there are errors (and there are many), they are wholly mine, and I will take the fall for them all. The errors are all mine, and it is I who put them there, perhaps unconsciously, but it was me, Bryce, this ego.

The Wisdom is wholly God’s, from that deeper Source of Ultimate Reality, that deeper Absolute, that deeper Wisdom, that deeper Truth. It is always the Source of That. And even if that Source exists within me, it is not me, this ego that speaks to you now. All I can do is get myself out of the way as much as possible when the Source wants to speak, when the Logos moves within me.

It’s not about me. It has never been about me. I may give shape to the words, but the Word is God’s when it is the Word. Reality works through us, the Tao manifests itself through us, emerges in this form, but we aren’t responsible for the manifestation, for the form. Reality does that.

Who can say that they can add a single cubit to their stature or an hour to their life? No one. We don’t do that, God or Reality does that, in us, to us, through us. It is that deeper Energy that is flowing through this being we call our “self.” We are the recipients of this Grace.

And the sooner we come to realize that, the better for our lives and the lives of those around us. We become the Love that we have always been, and allow that Love to flow through us to all people, beings, and things in the world.

Don’t thank me, thank God. Thank Truth. Thank Reality. Thank Goodness. Thank the Cosmos. Thank the Real, the Absolute. For the Love.

As soon as I start taking credit for the wisdom in these words, if there be any, it’s game over. When I say that I give you this as a free gift (below), it is because I’m the means by which this Gift is given, through which it is offered to you, not that I am its source. I am only the source of its errors, the mistakes, the relativity in it, the imperfection, for which I apologize. I am a man of unclean lips, and we have no choice otherwise (Isa. 6:5).

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2 thoughts on ““I Did Not Write This”: the Mysticism of Spiritual Writing

  1. “One cannot see God without His grace. …to receive the grace of God one must renounce egotism; one cannot see God as long as one feels “I am the doer.” Ramakrishna H

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