Matthew 6:5-8 BHT, How to Commune

An addition to the BHT, where Jesus describes how to pray, meditate, contemplate, and commune with God.

An addition to the BHT, where Jesus describes how to pray, meditate, contemplate, and commune with God. (The painting above isĀ ‘Christ in the Wilderness’, 1898, by Briton Riviere.)

5 When you commune, don’t be like the pretenders. For they love to pray out loud standing in their churches and temples, so they can be seen by others and themselves for their piety. Truth be told, that’s all they’ll get out of it.

6 Instead, when you commune, go into the silent chamber of your mind and soul, and shut out all external distractions. There you contemplate your Source, which dwells in that hidden inward Holy of Holies. And your Source, which perceives the Truth inwardly, will restore and renew you outwardly.

7 And when you commune, do not ramble on with your thoughts either, like those who do not know God. They seem to think that God will hear them because of the many things they say in their minds.

8 Don’t be like them! Your Source already knows what is needed before you think a single thought.

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