Matthew 16:15-20, BHT: Jesus asks “Who I AM?”

An addition to the BHT, when Jesus and Simon/Peter converse about the identity of Jesus and of inner revelation.

15 Jesus then said to his followers, “But who do you say that I AM?”

16 Simon replied saying, “You are Christed, the anointed One, an incarnation of the living and breathing God.”

17 Then Jesus said to him, “Joy-full are you, Simon Johnson, for no human flesh or ego unveils this to you, but only the One which is divine consciousness.”

18 “And I give to you a new name/identity—Petros—even a small stone, for it is upon this foundation stone of insight that I will restore the gathering of God’s people into One, and all the powers and prisons of Hades and ego will never overcome it, ever!”

19 “And I will also give to you this clue to opening and shutting that nondual unitive consciousness: whatever you bind together as One in the world is also bound together in that consciousness, and whatever is broken apart in the world is also broken apart in that consciousness, and seems separate. As below, so above.”

20 He then charged his followers, again, that they should tell no one that he was Christed, for it was not theirs to unveil.

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2 thoughts on “Matthew 16:15-20, BHT: Jesus asks “Who I AM?”

  1. Blessed art thou, BTH, for I perceive thou art pure in Spirit, and thus enabled to claim the resulting blessedness of that virtue. Peacemaker thou art also, for thou hast brought into harmony (as I have experienced the presence of god/ harmony) between the KJV of the sayings of Jesus (and LDS interpretation of those sayings, and my erstwhile dissatisfaction with what I found to actually BE unsatisfactory interpretations.
    Which is all to say: great post. ❤️

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