Romans 8 BHT, Liberation is Life in Christ Consciousness

An addition to the BHT, where Paul describes how we are liberated from the suffering of the ego in the life of Christ consciousness, or the Spirit, and all are beneficiaries of this consciousness, from which we cannot ever be separated.

An addition to the BHT, where Paul describes how we are liberated from the suffering of the ego in the life of Christ consciousness, or God’s Spirit, and all are beneficiaries of this consciousness, from which we cannot ever be separated. (The photo above is of Papyrus 27 (rotated), dated to the early 3rd century, one of the early manuscript copies of the New Testament, showing the Greek text of Romans 8-9.)

1 So now there is no punishment or guilt for those who are in Christ consciousness.

2 Because in Christ consciousness the Way of the life-giving Spirit makes you free from the Law of the ego and mortality.

3 The Mosaic Law could not give that freedom, because it was based on ego and mortality. But God did it by manifesting its own Self in the frame of the body, and thus gained power over the body and mortality.

4 And this is done so that God’s Law is fulfilled within us, who do not occupy themselves with ego, the body, and material forms, but with the spirit, consciousness, and intangibles.

5 For those who think about the ego and body only think about what the ego-self wants, but those who are mindful of Spirit and consciousness are conscious of what the Spirit wants.

6 To have an egoic thinking mind is to suffer misery and death, but to be mindful of Spirit is to be at-one with Life, Peace, and Rest.

7 For the egoic mind is at odds with God, because it does not submit itself to God’s Law, and it can’t do so either.

8 So those who are in the ego-self mind are not in harmony with God.

9 But you are not in the ego mind, but are of Spiritual consciousness, if you realize God’s Spirit lives in you. And if you don’t know you have this Spirit of Christ consciousness in you, this Awareness, then you remain in ignorance and unconsciousness.

10 If Christ consciousness is aware in you, then even though your physical body and ego are mortal and will die, this Spirit gives you Life because you know you are rightfully One in God.

11 Yes, if that same Spirit which raised up Jesus from ego death is alive and aware in you, then as God raises up Christ from that death, God gives Life to your mortal bodies through the very same Christ Spirit that is in you!

12 So, my dear family, we owe nothing to the ego, to do what it wants us to do.

13 Because if you just do what the ego wants, you live as the ego, and you will suffer and die. But if you live by the Spirit awareness in you, which allows the ego mind to die, then you will Live.

14 All those who are led by the Spirit of God in them are the Children of God, the very Manifestation of God.

15 This Spiritual awareness that you have does not make you subservient slaves again, living in fear. Rather, the Spirit you have makes you One with the “family” or reality of God, which is why we pray, “Dad, or Father!”

16 God’s Spirit sees and knows itself as One in our spirit, and that we are offspring, manifestations, emanations, or incarnations of God’s own Self.

17 And since we are offspring of God, then we are recipients of Godhood, all together in Christ consciousness; and if we have compassion with one another we will all be glorified together in majesty, beauty, and splendor.

18 I think that the suffering and misfortune that we now experience is nothing compared to the hidden Beauty, Glory, Brilliance, and Honor that will be discovered within us.

19 All individuals wait and watch with intense attention, concentration, and anticipation for this unveiling of the offspring of God in them.

20 For each individual was unwillingly subjected to the fallen ego, by God, in the expectation

21 that the individual would be freed from this fallen bondage into the glorious liberation of being a manifestation of God.

22 We know that many people ache and feel agonizing pain these days.

23 And not only them, but we too who have tasted the Spirit, we sob within ourselves looking forward to when we are fully delivered from the ego.

24 We have faith in this deliverance; but seeing it, in full, would not be faith. For we need no faith in something that is seen and known already.

25 But if we have faith and trust in that which we cannot see, then we look forward to it, patiently waiting for it.

26 And also, the Spirit helps us endure our weaknesses and imperfections, for example, we don’t know what exactly we should pray for in words, but the Spirit says it for us with silent breaths that are ineffable.

27 The One seeks deeply throughout our hearts, and knows the Spirit’s consciousness, and works in those that are whole and thus in harmony with God.

28 We who love God, and are touched by God’s Way, know that everything works out in the end.

29 For God knew that all beings from the beginning would be created after the figure of God’s offspring, that being the prototype of many beings.

30 And so all beings were known and identified; and those identified were also made innocent and free; and those made innocent and free are also made glorious and beautiful.

31 So then what can we say about all of this? If God is on our side, then who can there possibly be against us?

32 The One who did not even keep back its own offspring, but gives it up in us all, how will it not also freely give us all things?

33 Who can bring anything against those who God has created, God’s very own? For it is GOD is who made us innocent and free!

34 Who is there that can possibly judge or punish us? The egoic mind has passed away, and Christ consciousness has been raised up and awakened in us, and this is intrinsically right with God, always, and it speaks for us.

35 What could ever possibly separate us from the loving union of Christ consciousness in us? Will great trouble or suffering, great anxiety or sorrow, harassment or hostility, hunger or scarcity, nakedness or poverty, dangers or threats, or even death itself?

36 As the scriptures say (Psalm 44:22), “We die daily in You. We’re like sheep that are slaughtered.”

37 No. In all of these things, we are overwhelmingly the winners in that Love in us.

38 Because I am absolutely sure that not death or life, nor angels or demons, nor any influences whatsoever, neither anything today or what may come tomorrow,

39 nor great obstacles, nor deep traps, nor anything else in all of God’s creation, can separate us from God’s loving union in Christ consciousness, our true Self.

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