Colossians 1:25-28 BHT, the Great Mystery

Regarding the Mystery of the Gospel since the beginning.

Added to the BHT, regarding the Mystery of the Gospel since the beginning.

25 For which I have been made a servant, feeling compelled by God to be so, to give to you the fullness of God’s Word:

26 The Mystery, the great Secret, that has been kept hidden from the egoic minds of humanity since the beginning, is now realized fully only by God’s Saints, the Holy Ones.

27 Because God gives them direct understanding, from among all the people of the Earth, the abundant glories of this one Mystery, which is this———Christ is in You———this is our glorious faith.

28 This is who we’re talking about, encouraging every person, and explaining to every person, how to attain this transcendent experiential knowledge, so that we may stand with one and all having each realized their complete perfection in Christ.

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