Matthew 23:2-11 BHT, Hypocrisy of Religious Authorities

An addition to the BHT, about the problems with religious authorities.

An addition to the BHT, about the many hypocritical problems with religious authorities. (The painting above is by James Tissot (1836-1902), “Woe unto You, Scribes and Pharisees,” Brooklyn Museum.)

2 The prophets and apostles and seventies are leading the church, and are the ‘official’ teachers of the law of the gospel.

3 And so you have to be very observant to do everything that they teach you to do. But don’t do what they do, because they don’t practice what they teach you.

4 They issue many tedious tasks and responsibilities to the membership that are often very difficult to accomplish well and in full, but they often don’t lift a finger to do any of them themselves.

5 Much that they do is meant to be seen by the public for marketing purposes. They wear expensive neck ties, and slick suits from the finest tailors, made of the finest materials.

6 And they love to be the honored guests at government banquets and sitting in places of importance on the stand in meeting halls and chapels.

7 And they love to be greeted respectfully in the grocery stores and malls, and to be addressed by their honorific titles, ‘Elder,’ or ‘President.’

8 But don’t let anyone call you ‘Elder’ or ‘President,’ because you only have One true Head, which is the Christ within you, and you are all equal brothers and sisters.

9 And don’t call anyone here on Earth by the title ‘Bishop’ or ‘Father,’ because you only have One true Father, which is the God of the Universe, the Source of our Creation.

10 Neither should you be addressed as ‘Deacon,’ ‘Priest,’ or ‘Teacher,’ because you only have One true Teacher, which is the Christ within you, who is your Savior and Messiah.

11 The persons who are truly greatest among you are those who serve you, and attend to your deepest needs.

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