Ephesians 1 BHT, "Paul" talks about the Grace of Christ in All Beings

An addition to the BHT, where Paul (or a disciple of Paul) talks about the infinite Grace that Christ is found in all beings, and the type of wondrous insight and knowledge that God reveals in those who attain the consciousness of Christ.

An addition to the BHT, where Paul (or a disciple of Paul) talks about the infinite Grace that Christ is found in all beings, and the type of wondrous insight and knowledge that God reveals in those who attain the consciousness of Christ.

(The photo above is of Papyrus 92, dated to the 3rd century, an early papyrus manuscript copy of the New Testament, which shows the Greek text of Ephesians 1:11-13.)

1 This is “Paul,” a messenger of Christ, like Jesus, through God’s will, to all those who are whole/holy [in Ephesus] and who trust in Christ consciousness as exemplified in Jesus.

2 May you have Grace, Loving-kindness, Peace, and Rest in the Presence of our Father God and in Christ.

3 Blessed be God, the Source of Christ in us, who has blessed us in that heavenly consciousness with all spiritual blessings.

4 For God selected us all, has called and elected us all, to be in God from the very beginning of the cosmos, and through Love we can realize we are all whole/holy and perfectly innocent in God’s Presence.

5 That Divine Reality already determined from the start that we would all be of the family of God through our Christ nature, which was God’s will.

6 And so we give praise and gratitude for God’s amazing Grace, which God has given to us for free who realize we are living in the Beloved One.

7 It is conscious awareness in this One that we find redemption, deliverance, and liberation, through the sacrifice of ego-self, being delivered from the bondage of egoic separateness, and in the fullness of God’s Grace and Loving-kindness.

8 God has poured this out upon us to overflowing, together with all of God’s Wisdom and deep Insight.

9 For God made “known” in us the hidden Mystery of God’s will, purpose, and cosmic direction, which is all Good, and which is found and only known within God’s Self.

10 And it is essentially this: God ministers, and times reach their fullest and most abundant expression when everyone and everything is gathered together into the recognition of this One, into this unitive at-one Christ consciousness, everything both in the cosmos above and on the Earth beneath, the All is within this One.

11 It is here, within this One consciousness, where we find that we’ve received and possess all things, as was determined from the beginning, according to the cosmic direction of things, which works everything out from within.

12 This is so that we could be here now, who first found hope in Christ consciousness, to the praise and glory of God.

13 And you too also found hope in this Christic state of being and consciousness, when you first heard about the Truth that could be found through this wonderful message, and your very salvation and liberation in It. When you trusted in It and committed yourself to It, you found yourselves identified with God, in God, even within that Holistic Spirit that was promised to you long ago!

14 And this Spirit witness is like the earnest money guarantee of our possession of all things, until we are fully redeemed as God’s possession when our ego fully dies, to the praise and glory of God.

15 It’s for this reason that ever since I heard of your faithfulness to the inner Master of Christ, as exemplified by Jesus, and your subsequent Love for God’s holy people in everyone everywhere,

16 I can’t stop being so deeply grateful for all of you, and I am always mindful of you in my prayers and meditations.

17 And I pray that the glorious Father God of our Master Christ within, will continue to give you the Spirit of Wisdom and Insight revelations, even to a fuller intimate “knowledge” (gnosis) of God.

18 And I pray that the mind’s eye deep in your hearts will be enlightened to that bright Light, so that you may know the great hope in which you’ve been called to live, and the rich abundance and glory of being holy (wholly) in God’s possession of all things.

19 And I pray that you may know of the transcendent greatness of God’s power in us who are committed to It. This energy is the same immense power

20 that God works in Christ consciousness, when God raises you up or resurrects you from ego death, and you are made perfectly right with God in heavenly awareness.

21 This transcends all rulers, authorities, Earthly powers, and governors, and every other name that can be named in this world or in that one.

22 God has put all these things in subordination under It, and has made It to be the Head, the Master, the Chief One, over all things in our gathering together.

23 And these gatherings into One are Christ’s Body, since the fullness of Christ is in all beings and in all things everywhere.

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