Where Art Thou, O God of Mormonism?

A prayer for Mormonism, and for Mormons.

Is the mysticism gone from Mormonism? Has it fled entirely? Where, God, is the pavilion that covereth thy hiding place? Where is thy Spirit? Where art Thou, O God?

Thou aren’t in the leaders of this LDS Church, who hide behind policies and programs designed to maintain their power, control, and authority over thy people.

Thou aren’t in these leaders who patronize those who would identify as a gender that those leaders disagree with.

Thou aren’t in the temples that the LDS Church builds with human hands, performing magical rites that supposedly bring us into thy Presence but only after our mortal death, and only for those who have identified with the preferred gender of the leaders.

Thou aren’t in the Church’s $100+ billion Wall Street investment fund that is enriching the chief executives and owners of the world’s biggest corporations, burying their talents, hoarding their wealth while the rest become poorer and poorer.

Thou aren’t in the Church’s extensive cattle ranches that are raising, abusing, and slaughtering tens of thousands of innocent animals while producing huge amounts of greenhouse gases that are raping our planet’s ecosystem, the Earth groaning.

Thou aren’t in the misogynistic teachings and practices which belittle and patronize women under the authoritarianism of an antiquated and constructed patriarchy which is blind to itself.

Thou aren’t in the body of a male bearded human being who inhabits a distant place called Kolob, not even alongside a woman human being, somewhere distant from Earth.

Where then, O God?

Thou art in the very people who are Mormons. Thou livest in them. Thou art their breath. Thou art their blood. Thou art their flesh and bones. Thou art their very consciousness. Thou art them, their true Self, their Life, their Being. Thou art the Christ consciousness which is in each and every One. The spirits that inhabit them are thine own Spirit. They are the true Church, the Body of Christ. They make up that Body. They are the true Children of God, the “Son” of God, thy Divinity made flesh, having incarnated thy Self as them. Thou art right here, right now, in this eternal now, right here on Earth, right where each stands. They are Thee. Thou art them. Thou art in them, as Thou art in me. That they may be One as we are One, that they may know this Ahman Christ.


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